Friday, February 26, 2010

PJ Day

Today was PJ day for Lizzie at school! She was sooooooo excited and couldn't wait to get to school in her PJ's and eat all the foods that started with the letter P. As the teacher began to tell me their P food menu, I realized that Lizzie's short list of food favs include mostly foods that start with the letter P! Pizza, pancakes, popcorn, Popsicles and potato chips!! HUH!! Go figure!!

P! My new favorite letter:) Anyway, as she was changing at home, because this afternoon was big sissy's 4th birthday party, Lizzie wanted to take her pj top off "all by myself!" This is what that cute little charmer did,

Oh my darlin'!!! That day will come way too soon for your Momma!!! Pics of Em's Perfect Princess Party (there are those P's again) to come tomorrow. Who would have thought that chasing after 5 little Princesses would be so tiring!!

Nap anyone????? Hehe!!!

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