Friday, March 5, 2010

"Hive" you seen her????

Look at my poor sweetie!!!! On Monday morning Lizzie began to break out in hives. It began as a very small patch on her leg and quickly spread. By 5:00 that night she looked miserable and her face and lips were very swollen. I kept her close to me that night and the next morning (aside from being very tired from NO sleep), she was one big, huge, itchy HIVE!!! Even her sweet little feet were covered and it hurt her to walk. She was just miserable and when Lizzie is miserable, everyone is miserable!!! Lizzie has some sensory issues and the itchiness that she was feeling was probably multiplied by about a bazillion or in other words, a lot and Lizzie is not one to suffer in silence! Oh no, I must have heard, "I itchy" about a bazillion times, well a lot anyway:) So off to the doctor we go, and where Lizzie goes, so goes Em. After arriving at the doctor's office, we get checked in and head to the dreaded (dun, dun, dun) "sick" room where all the paranoid, I mean, good Mommas tell their children not to touch anything, including all the really cool toys that we, of course, don't have at home because, well, you know, we don't have ANY cool toys at our house!! That always works well!! Thank goodness for antibacterial gel! Seriously, I should buy stock! Anyway, I digress! So we get settled into the "sick" room only to be called very quickly out of the "sick" room and into one of the tiny rooms in the back where there are NO toys (except of course the cool stool that spins and rolls and is great for flinging children across the room) and of course there are never any sick kids back in those rooms, right????? Riiiiight!!!!

So we sit in this little toy free, germ laden room with NOTHING to do but wait, and wait, and wait, sooooo we have to get a little creative...

Remember the spinning stool????

Lots of ways to have fun with this one!!! Hehe!!

Making videos can be fun too!

Can you tell that this one is at the beginning of our wait...

and this one was at the end!!!!

Just a little stir crazy!!!!

It was 2 days of an Epi shot, prednisone, antihistamines and lots of creative fun!!

We will be at the allergist's office next week. Let's hope he has some cool toys too or at the very least, a great spinning stool!!! Hehe!!!


  1. I wonder what caused the hives??? Did she eat something she hadn't tried before? Grant used to get them really badly while we were in Kaz. and then when we were home. Weird thing is he tested negative on all the allergy tests and the hives stopped a couple of weeks after being home. They said it could have just been the stress of everything.. Poor kid!!! BTW, you are just getting fancy with this blog thing! Looks great fun to see a new look!!!

  2. That happened to Dargan last year. He had hives the entire time we were in Disney WorlD and the doctor just told us to give him Benadryl every day. They eventually just went away and we never found out what caused them. Crazy! I used to break out in them in college b4 a big exam. Hope they find out what causes Lizzie's.

  3. Poor Lizzie!! Little T broke out in hives when she first came home and tried some yams...yams of all things! :)

    I'm glad she's doing better. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a spinning stool!!


  4. Aaawwww, poor baby!!!

    Hope she is feeling better!!