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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go to Disney and Help Bring 2 Beautiful Girls Home!

I know many of you have heard about sweet Stefani Ellison who is bringing home beautiful Pamela and Rochelle who were featured with LWB's and whom I have advocated for, for a very long time!!

Neither of these wonderful children can walk and they are buds, best buds and Stefani and her family decided that they needed to stay together and come home!!

After raising $5000 toward their adoption expenses, this family had their house broken into and the money that they had raised to bring Pamela and Rochelle home was stolen - all of it!!

Another beautiful friend is trying very hard to help them recoup their devastating loss and you can help too!

If you like Disney, and who doesn't like Disney, YOU can help this family!

Please go here and place your bid for a week at a resort near Disney and to help bring 2 beautiful little girls home!!

Thanks y'all!!

Wordless Wednesday - I Need a Fur-ever Home!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Father's Day

Yep, it is Father's Day and I am pooped! 

Why, you ask??

Well because it is Father's Day and on this day Father's get to do exactly what they want to do and for my hubby that means doing...


Yep hubby's alarm (Emmeline) went off about

Where he was greeted with breakfast

and cards

and gifts

and lots of love!

Followed by lots of this

and I think I have learned more about WWII today than I did from all of my History teachers!  Did you know that on Father's Day just about every channel shows a movie with big jets and big guns???  It is true and I think we watched them all today, well except for that unfortunate Toddlers and Tiaras incident that we agreed to never to discuss again!!   Ya know what I'm sayin' honey???  HeHe!

I did manage to get him off the sofa for some pics

lots of pics

cause it takes lots of pics

lots of pics

to get just

the right


Yep, it is Father's Day and yep I am pooped but you know what?

I would do it all over again for him.

He is the love of my life and an incredible Dad.

Our hearts are the same.

Most people think I am the reason we have 5 kids, 4 dogs, a foster puppy and one crazy cat.


My hubby's heart is as big and beautiful and tender as mine will ever be.

He is the eternal optimist and always keeps us laughing.  He makes it OK to be silly and we all need a little silly in our lives from time to time.

Thank you honey for loving us with such a heart.  In our children I see your warmth and humor and love and that makes me love you even deeper, even stronger, if that is possible. 

Happy Father's Day to my "Gift from God."  Remember??

I also remember on this day, my incredible Dad who is forever in my heart and always very much missed.  Love you Daddy!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

This Day...

Today, June 17th, I find myself thinking of a woman, a woman who is far away and unknown to me and although she is unknown to me, I can guess that this far away woman is tiny, very tiny with straight black hair and a large personality.

I can guess that she has a huge heart in her tiny body and I can only guess that her heart hurts a little more on this day every year.

I imagine that she is impatient with a temper to boot - a firecracker - and I also imagine that she loves BIG, with her whole heart and that this day, June 17th, is the hardest on her fierce heart.

My heart hurts for this woman and for my child, whose life was completely changed 5 years ago on this day.

Honestly, I find myself thinking of this woman more on this day than on my child's birthday.

Lizzie's birthday is a time for celebration, but not this day.

Do you know that we visited the spot, the spot where my child was found, on the very day that she was found, 2 years earlier? We took pictures so that we could remember. We took pictures of the building, we took pictures of the very busy street but when our guide asked us if we would like for her to take a picture of us in the spot where our child had been found, we said no.

It did not seem right.

We did not belong in that spot. It was her spot, hers and Lizzie's.

We were not there to smile for the camera, that would feel to much like a celebration and we were not there to celebrate the loss that our child had suffered or the loss that this woman had suffered.

We were there to begin the healing process for Lizzie. We were there to learn all that we could about our child's life, pre us, to fill in the gaps, the pieces of the puzzle, for us and for her.

So on this day my thoughts turn to this woman whom I do not know, but somehow, in a beautiful way, do know. We pray for this woman and her family every night - with Lizzie. I want Lizzie to know that it is ok to talk about this family, her birth family, that is ok to wonder about them and grieve for them. I want her to know that it is ok to want to try and fill in the rest of the puzzle pieces when she is older - that we will support and help her as much as we can.

It is so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that our joy came out of such great loss, that the very thing that may have been the reason for the decision that was made on this day, is the very thing that drew us to her, that told us that she was our daughter.

On this day, I will repost the video I made for our precious child after she had been home for a year. I hope that it acknowledges her loss and celebrates her future, a future that she would not have had without that heartbreaking decision and the loss felt by a woman, a far away woman with a tiny body and a huge heart.

We love you sweet Lizzie - forever!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretty Hair = Helping a Child

Please go take a look at these very cute hair accessories and help a wonderful family (whom I have met) bring their 13 year old son home, before he ages out in AUGUST!!!! Thank you everyone!

Shen..sational!: Calling all Little (and big) Girls!: "So, some of you have seen the super cute creations that my cousin produces. Well, she and her sister have donated a bunch of their hair pret..."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - The Perfect Ending

To a really beautiful day

Have I said how much I love the summertime??

Really love the summertime!!

I don't like the heat

and what it does to my hair.  LOL!

But I do love the time we have to spend together

Just doin' nothin'

but havin' fun!

Yep, it was a good day and I look forward to the rest of the dog good days of summer (see previous post - hehe)

cause before we know it, we will be back to this

and I am SO not ready for that!!

Yep, I LOVE summer, frizzy hair and all!!  Hehe!

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It's Official...

I have now completely lost what was left of my Barney blasted, homework harried, soccer saturated, Fruity Pebbled mind!!!

Meet our new FOSTER puppy!

Yes, FOSTER puppy!

Not PERMANENT puppy...

But FOSTER puppy!!!

Now who's gonna tell them that???  LOL!

Please help cause I am helpless!!!  Hehe!

Know of anyone who lives "down here" and would love to have a precious little puppy to snuggle with??

Well, send 'em my way!  Cause she is scheduled to go back to the shelter in 2 weeks and that just can't happen...

I mean it just can't!!!  HELP!!! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - WEEEEEEE!!!!!!

From Online to Real Life

Doncha just love it when online can become real life?

Today, I had the chance to get together with 3 of my dear online friends, 2 of whom I have been able to spend time with before, one whom I just met and my wonderful neighbor who, you got it, is adopting again!

The kids left us alone swam

while we ladies had a chance to talk, really talk.  We talked about our kids and about our advocacy and about their beautiful ones who should all be home before the first of the year, Praise God!

Kim is bringing home their beautiful Sarah Grace

you can follow their journey here

Sharon is bringing home their adorable John Wesley

you can follow their journey here

Angie is racing against the clock to bring home their son, who ages out in August

you can follow their journey here

Jennifer has not found her child yet - maybe - but is trusting in the Lord to show her the way.

Yep, it was a good ole time and I just cannot wait to do it again!

Next time, we might even bring the hubbies so Marty will have someone to talk to, right Sharon!  Hehe!