Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

I wanted to write about my Mom today because, well, you know, it is Mother's Day and all. I wanted to write about her because we can't be with her today (on Mother's Day) and I really wanted to be.

You see, my Mom has always been there for me - always. She is the second person (Hubby being the first) that I call when I have great news or not so great news and sometimes, she is even the first - sorry Honey:)

She is kind and loving and gentle and smart and loyal and a true Southern Lady!!

She adores my kids and the feeling is oh so mutual.

I can only hope to be loved by my grandchildren as much as my Mom is loved by hers. She is patient and nurturing and fun and the love they share with her fills my heart!

After our first was born, I wrote my Mom a letter. It was a letter of love and gratitude and a new "maternal" understanding and yes, even apology. Apology for not understanding the feelings and the worry and the frustration and the complete and unselfish love that fills a mother's heart - my Mother's heart.

She has been the one I go to for advice. The one I call to vent to or to brag to. As many times as I have called to tell her about the amazing thing kid 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 has done, she is always incredibly excited and proud, because she is just wonderful that way and because she remembers. She remembers what it felt like to be a proud Momma and to cheer your kid on, because she was always my number one cheerleader.

Thank you Momma for always being there for me. You kissed my boo boos (on the outside and in). You listened and understood.

You taught me how to love.

So all these kids...

I totally blame on you!!! Hehe!!!

Love you Momma and hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day!!!


  1. Very nice post, Annie. I hope your mom is celebrated and know this must be a tough year for her, losing her husband. My love to you, too, on Mother's Day. You make it look easy.

  2. Very Nice...Happy Mommy Day to your and your sweet GANG!!!


  3. Annie, I love the pic of you and your mom together (last pic). What a beautiful lady she is!