Thursday, February 13, 2014


we gotta talk

you and me
Mom to clock

cause you're ticking me off


You see, there is yet another birthday boy at our house and I just cannot believe that my baby boy is 11 years old today!
It just can't be!

You have kept us on our toes my sweet one but the last three years with you at home have been such a gift.

You are headed off to join your older brothers at school next year...
um, yeah, sorry bout that...

and the doggies and I are really going to miss you in the quiet.

You have a beautiful mind and heart my sweet Caleb and I will treasure the quiet in which I was able to learn more about you.
The Lord has put a depth within you my Caleb...

and tinged it with just a dash of quirky wit.

You don't meet many strangers and your ease just draws people in.

The joy in your spirit is ever present but your shoulders have been prepared and tested and I sense that the Lord has a special path for you precious Caleb.

You are a great victim little brother...

and an awesome big brother

and you are able to easily transition from one to the other as needed.

Basically Caleb...

You ROCK...

and as excited as I am to watch you grow and witness your path unfold...


ya gotta chill...

cause I need just a little bit longer with my baby boy.

So, this year, can it please feel like a year and not a nano second!

Cause at the rate it's going...

by next week sometime, my sweet Caleb will be at college and Hubby and I will left with four teenage girls at home...


Wanna come back home for college???

just kidding

I think!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy

Keep Him close and listen to the words of your heart.


  1. I know the feeling, Annie...:)

  2. You can see his soul in his eyes!

    Oh, and I really like your glasses. :)