Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Hero

So if you read my most recent birthday post, here, you saw the card that my precious Lizzie made for me.

It reads that everyone thinks that I am a hero.

Oh no my sweet one!

You are the hero and it couldn't have been more evident than in the last 2 weeks.

After 9 weeks in a cast, 6 of those in a wheelchair, with not one but 2 casts...

I took you to soccer practice.

You were weaker and you had to wear your leg brace but you were determined.

I told your coach that you wanted to try but that you were in a brace that prevented you from bending your ankle and that you had not done anything in 9 weeks and that you might need or want to take a break every now and again.
Your coach reassured you that you could take a break whenever you needed it and as you walked away, he turned to me and said...

"You know she won't take a break, right?"

Yep, I knew...

and sure enough...

you played the entire practice and played hard...
and while you are not quite ready to play in a game...
last weekend...
you got to dress out and warm up and act as co-captain along with your amazing sister, who has been your biggest cheerleader and helper.

Oh my...
No, the hero is not I but you my dear.
I am merely the hero's mom and so thankful to be so!
I cannot wait to be able to post video from that very first game!
Knowing you, it won't be long!


  1. In tears. Lizzie is an amazing child. You are BOTH heroes!

  2. Touching - love the pic of her standing next to her sister as co-captain, reminds me of the bond my two girls share.