Saturday, November 15, 2014


Why did I not know?

I should have known!

 I know my Lizzie and I should have known. 

The doctor said she was cleared to play soccer the day the last cast came off and the brace went on.

He said she could play but it would have to be with her brace on...

the brace that keeps her foot in a fixed position...

 the brace that prevents her from bending her foot...

yeah – that brace.

So not only was she weak-er from spending weeks in a wheelchair but now, if she played, it would be in her brace.

 Even so...

I should have known.

Not even 2 weeks from this post, where she participated in practice for the very first time...

She was out on that field...

 playing y'all!

She had to hop/skip a little bit at first but before long, the hop/skip turned to a hop/run and then...

she was baaaaack!

I have to admit, I was a little upset with Hubby (who is also her coach), when he put her in that first game.

I thought it was too soon...

I held my breath as she so bravely walked out on to that field with her brace neatly tucked into her soccer sock and her mismatched cleats as one had to be big enough to fit over that brace.

I cried as she got right back in, took her first tumble and got right back up again...

ready for more

 Oh my Mighty Mouse...

You are simply amazing...

amazingly beautiful

amazingly courageous

amazingly fast

amazingly determined

amazingly bright

amazingly compassionate

and amazingly...

I get to be your Mom!

My love, you will never just watch from the sidelines for long...

Your determined spirit will get you where God wants you 

 As you so beautifully told me after watching this video:

"Mom, this reminds me of when I was in a wheelchair and when Marny had cancer. Mom, we were overcomers. God helped us!"


My Mighty Mouse!

After over 20 casts in 6 years...

 You are an overcomer!


  1. Love that enthusiasm and determination I see in her face! Love your whole family and so happy I get to be a part of it. What a blessing you are, dear Annie! Stay strong in the Lord and His mighty power! Anna

  2. A warrior with a heart of gold, that's what she is!

  3. Yeah! So love to see her out on the field again. You can tell from the photos that she has a ton of passion.

  4. Thank you for sharing. This is so encouraging as we are on our adoption journey!