Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Friend in Need and a Friend Indeed!

The need is real.

The need for forever families for waiting children is real.

The need for forever families for older, special needs boys is very real...

and this family...

the B. family, who stepped in the gap for 2 beautiful boys, is now in need to be able to step in the gap for 2 more precious little boys.

This precious family adopted 2 older, special needs boys about 2 years ago... 

and has just received travel approval to bring 2 more special needs little boys home! Imagine, going from no kids to 4 special needs boys in 2 years!


However, this faithful family still needs $8000 to be able to give their 2 new sons a forever family! I have written about this family before as one of the beautiful boys that they brought home 2 years ago (Asa) is my Lucy's BFF. 

This precious little boy cared for, protected and nurtured my sweet Lucy when they were at the orphanage together, as well as the rehabilitation hospital. He decided that he was going to be my Lucy's self appointed big brother...

and Lucy was more than happy to become his cherished little sister.

Y'all, I cannot begin to tell you how this special family has blessed us these past 2 years! They live on the other side of the country, about as far away as you can get but Shanon has managed to make the distance seem very small. This sweet family home schools Asa and his brother, Gabriel and they have blossomed with the love and care that Shanon and her Hubby have provided them and...

 as much as they have taken on, Shanon always, always stays in touch, keeps the kids in touch and... has sent my kids countless care packages in the mail! 

When Shanon heard that my Hubby had lost his job, she sent an enormous care package full of everyday items (like toilet paper - yes!), items that you really miss when you don't have the funds to purchase, just regular pantry stocking stuff that does not make the cut when money is tight! She has also sent packages full of educational materials for the girls as well as little Chinese treats that made Maggie and Lucy so happy!

Again, auh-mazing!

 This sweet family is faithful y'all...

faithful to the Lord's call for these children and I am writing now, asking for help for this precious family. 

Please pray for the Lord to continue to provide all that they need. 

Please share and please, if you feel so led, donate! They need this money and they need it fast! It seems like a lot but as we all know, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD...

and they are definitely with God!! 

Please be His hands and feet for this sweet, faithful family!

Click here for their blog link, and here You Caring site and thank you for anything that you can do!

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