Saturday, April 23, 2016

Never Give Up

Every now and again, we need reminders.

Not the typical, to do list, sticky note kind of reminder but the kind of heart reminders that help us to keep the world in perspective...

the kind of heart reminders that help us to complain less and serve more.

Well, yesterday, the Lord placed His own sticky note on my heart.

It read...

Yesterday, the Lord used an ordinary field trip, an ordinary playground to remind my heart of the struggles that Lucy faces every single day.

The barriers to being a “normal” kid are very real for Lucy, a part of her day to day.

These everyday challenges are a part of her reality and while I share in that reality and as much as I try to help with the barriers and as many times as I have kissed the boo boos that result from the struggles... it is still her reality, not mine.

I don't have to think about putting my hands out to brace my fall. Heck, I don't even have to think about falling at all. It is not a part of my everyday!

I don't have to think about making my hands and fingers work the way I want them to just so I can put on my socks and shoes.

I don't have to think about every single step that I take or how my foot is positioned on the ground or whether I am picking up my knees or dragging my foot.

I just walk.

Lucy doesn't “just walk”...

Lucy has to think about every single step and every single step is an effort, a true step out in faith as she trusts that the Lord will strengthen her as she relies on His gift of determination and His protection, when, not if, she falls.

This is her reality and there are times, like this field trip, that her reality seems so very different from the reality that most of her peers share and that is hard on this Momma's heart y'all.

But God is good and He equipped our girl with a spirit of determination.

Lucy may have to work 10 times harder than her peers to do certain things but it just makes me 10 times prouder when I watch her rise to the challenge. Sometimes she overcomes and sometimes not but she “never gives up”!

So whether it's a field trip to a park or a soccer game everyday at recess...

with all the boys...

scoring goals...

Lucy's reality doesn't stand a chance!


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  1. Love the pose in the first picture ~~Lucy's smile is always so bright. She is growing up to be a beautiful lady. Praise Be To God.