Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Letter to my Son

I wrote a letter to my son today...

It was unlike any letter I have ever written...

As I fumbled through the keys on my computer and the emotions in my heart...

 I realized the enormity of my words.

What do I say to a 13 year old who has been loved where he is but who has no future where he is?

It is a fallen world.

A flood of emotion overtakes me as I begin to try and wrap my heart around his reality.

This incredibly brave young boy is about to leave everything he has ever known, everything that is familiar and "safe" and my heart just breaks.

It is a fallen world.

In order to start a brand new life, to have "a hope and a future", this young boy will walk away from his past with a family he has never met, a family he cannot see, a family he cannot understand, a family he will have to trust.

In a tragic but beautiful meshing of loss and hope, this young boy will step into a future that will,  prayerfully, offer abundant life as His true father is revealed to him.

I wrote a letter to my son today...

and it was hard and it was wonderful and it was covered in a mother's love, confident in our Father's amazing love and beautiful redemption.

Dear Song,

We are excited and we cannot wait and we are grateful and you...

you will be loved...


Love Mom and Dad

Please join us in praying for our son and if you feel so led, visit our fundraising page here to see how you can help to bring him home!

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