Friday, April 2, 2010

Special Olympics

Our wonderful soccer club teamed up with our local Special Olympics to host a very memorable morning of Soccer. It was initially set up to have some of our coaches (hubby being one of them) run through 3 different "competitions." However, it happen to be an early dismissal day (don't even get me started on that!!) for the boys and as much as I hated to keep the boys from their 3 hours of school that day (yeah right), I decided to let them come with us to the Special Olympics event instead and help.

I honestly think they learned more that morning than they would have learned from a full day at school!

Those kids were amazing and our kids were amazed by them and were amazing with them!

It certainly filled this Momma's heart and as I watched these beautiful children, I felt no sadness or pity, only joy, pure joy, joy at their accomplishments and joy at the perfectness of these incredible children. They tried harder and smiled bigger than most and while they may be labeled "challenged" or "special" or whatever the buzz word of the day is, I only saw perfection. I saw kids who were enjoying a beautiful day and I saw kids who were playing and laughing and high fiveing and I saw the reflection of all of this in my kids' eyes and that was such a gift.

My "bloggy" friend, Adeye, is in Eastern Europe right now adopting 2 gorgeous little girls with Down Syndrome. They are an incredible family. You can follow her journey to her beautiful girls here . Please keep her in your prayers as she makes this amazing journey and as she meets her 2 new precious children.

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  1. What? You didn't think they were gonna inherit your compassionate heart? Even far away, you can tell your boys are rooting for her to make the shot. They are locked on.

    I think it is the ancient Romans who called babies with Down's Syndrome, 'Pieces of Heaven'.