Friday, July 29, 2011

How Can Tupperware Help Waiting Kids?

You might notice a new button on my side bar - Shop Til It Matters, where you can buy Tupperware and help to fund adoption grants!!  Gotta love it!!

An online adoptive friend of mine, Tracy, emailed me a while back and asked for my help with this idea for helping to fund grants for waiting children and I am so impressed with what she has created!  Even if you don't need any Tupperware right now or are unable to help, just passing the link along to other groups, family and friends will help. Tracy has a wonderful vision for this to continue to be able to provide grants for other waiting, special needs kiddos! I wanted to promote this here as well as my advocacy site and my FB page and ask that you all consider doing the same. I have already forwarded the link to my mother and mother in law and asked them to send it on the their friends!!! I am honored to even be a small part of this project!!

Please read what Tracy wrote about her wonderful vision:

Shop...'til it matters was set up to help fund grants for children who are waiting for families. Those grants will be used to help absorb some of the cost of adopting the child. The children we help are ones who have waited longer for their families because of a special need of some kind, or sometimes just because the orphanage they were in did not make them available for adoption until they were older. You can help these children by shopping from our website. A substantial percentage from each purchase will go toward funding a grant for a waiting child.

Please visit our website here, Shop Til It Matters. You can help in funding the grants by, of course, shopping! But, there are lots of other ways to help as well, Grab our button (on my sidebar) for your blog or website. Tell your friends about us on Facebook, Twitter, or any other group in which you participate. Don't forget that good old-fashioned word of mouth can be great advertisement! Thank you for your interest in Shop...'til it Matters and thank you for supporting us!

We are asking that all who read this might tell 10 of their friends and ask that they tell 10 of their friends!  Together, we can make this work for many more waiting kiddos!!!

When I look back at how far my sweet Lizzie has come in the past 3 years, it brings me such joy while at the same time breaks my heart for those precious children who still wait...

wait for someone to say this to...

This was the first time my sweet girl told me that she loved me too!  It was an amazing moment and one I will never forget. 

How I long for all children to one day have someone to say this to!!

Please help these children to come home and wait no longer to say, "I love you!"

Oh and get some great Tupperware in the process!! 

It's a win-win y'all!


  1. I love the idea and will spread the word!

    In fact I plan to shop there too!

    Great idea!!
    Thank you to you and Tracy!!

  2. What a fantastic idea!!! I'll be spreading the word and checking out the goodies!
    That video of Lizzie brought tears to my eyes! So very sweet!