Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Birthday

Well, it is my dear hubby's birthday today!!!

Yep, my Abby loving, anything 80's guru is 43 today.

He has a little less hair ( 5 kids, 4 dogs, one foster puppy, one crazy cat and one slightly OCD wife - heh ) but is just as handsome as the day we met.

We started the day with some homemade cards...

and homemade gifts, straight from hearts and secret, special stashes

and a few store bought ones as well

only after bacon and cinnamon rolls and hubby's best gift of all...

sleeping in!!!!

Have I mentioned before, just how much he likes to sleep???

I bet if I promised him that he could sleep until 12:00 every Saturday morning, I would never have to purchase a birthday gift for him again!!!  Hehe!!

Next it was off to my Mom's house for some yummy, JuJu fried chicken and

another nap - but only after...


Then after all that chicken and chocolate, we swam!

I think this is the first time hubby has been in the pool all summer!!!

and the kids loved it!

I remember as a kid, bugging my parents constantly to get in the pool with us and just loving it when they actually did!

It was a good day and I hope it was a good birthday for the love of my life!

Cause he is the love of my life

Always has been

Always will be!

Did I ever tell you that, without knowing it, we had the exact same thing engraved in our wedding bands???

"My Gift from God"

and he is most definitely - my wonderful gift from the Lord!

He loves his family, fiercly and works tirelessly to make us happy.

He and I are of one heart and share in what is important in life, even though he pretends that I bring him to it, kicking and screaming!


If it were up to this man, we would be living in a zoo!

Oh wait, we do!

Oh well, it's all his fault!!!  Hehe!

I love his silliness and I love his smarts.  I love his compassion and I love his adventurous soul (cause I have none).  I love his courage and I love his desicisiveness (cause I have NONE). 


Happy Birthday my love!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! That was beautiful!

  2. What a fun-filled post! Happy birthday to your husband!

  3. I love that picture of the girls jumping into the pool together. I SO know what you mean about swimming when I was younger and bugging my mom and dad to come in and loving it when they did! My dad especially spent so much time in the pool with us but my heart would break when he would get out! The next best thing was a big brother, though, and he stayed in with me all day.

  4. What a sweet post, a wonderful tribute to your hubby! Happy birthday to him! Love the hugging picture at the end! You have a beautiful family, Annie! :)


  5. Happy birthday to your dear hubby! The pcs of your family together are so great! Wonderful looking family!