Friday, December 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Chopsticks

I learned pretty quickly when I was a child, not to underestimate my brother.  Not only would it make him mad but it was a complete waste of time.

Not only could he do anything and everything that he put his mind to, but he could usually do it better than me!! 

Now, with our Lizzie, it does not even occur to me that she might not be able to do something that she either wants or needs to do.  Most of the time I honestly don't even think about the fact that she is missing fingers and that her precious, beautiful hands are quite a bit smaller than other 5 year old and y'all...

She doesn't either!

Now, tell Miss Lizzie that she is cute and you may have to take cover! 

Not really, but she does not like being so small and CUTE!

I tell her constantly that she will grow but that she is forever stuck with CUTE...

Cause y'all, she is, just so stinkin CUTE!!!!!

Anyway, the fact that her hands and feet don't look exactly like other kids' hands and feet, doesn't seem to bother her much at all, cause...

She can do anything she puts her mind to so...

why sweat it!

Take chopsticks for instance!

We got them out the other night and it never even occured to me that she might not be able to use them...

Good thing too, cause...

She was hungry and wasn't going to let a couple of chopsticks stand in her way!  Ha!

The Lord chose to move my heart through my brother and his life and because of that, our hearts were opened and moved for our Lizzie. 

I have already seen how our Lizzie is moving the hearts of those she meets and those she loves. 

I have seen the Lord use this tiny little package of courage, deternination and yes sweet girl, I have to say it - CUTENESS - to move the hearts of those who simply meet her. 

Can you imagine how she moves the hearts of those who love her?

I expect great things from our sweet Lizzie and from those who love her, namely those amazing siblings of hers who have never, ever put limits on her either, who love her with a fierceness that just blows me away sometimes, who will use this love of her to do great things with their awakened hearts.

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  1. Amazing that that is the same little girl we saw in Dongguan! I am so impressed with Lizzie.

  2. She IS really cute...but don't tell her. ;-) I love her mighty personality and her determination! God has a some big things for your tiny girl. :)

  3. Thank you Jennifer! Julie, can you believe how she has blossomed? I will never, ever forget that first little bit of video, our first real glimpse of our Lizzie, that you and your wonderful "Ninja" hubby sent us!!! I will be forever grateful for that! Thank you! How is your DG sweetie doing?

  4. I wont use the C word but she sure is! :) And Amazing, beautiful, darling, and many more I could come up with too :) Thanks for sharing :)

  5. It just occurred to me to wish for your grandmother and grandfather right now with you and all your family! Can you imagine the conversations they would have around the fire and at the dinner table?? Your kids make me really miss those two GREAT ones looking down and "discussing" together....They set a shining example for all of you (and me!). Merry Christmas!

  6. I don't think I learned how to use chopsticks until I was a teenager - I'm so impressed that Lizzie learned how at the age of five, let alone that her little mind figured it out with her beautiful, unique hands. This is Lizzie we're talking about, though. I'm NO way surprised! It’s hard when people compliment me on a skill they think difficult, when to me, it's no big deal. It’s hard for me to understand why people think I'm inspirational because I'm just living my life! People are so impressed by how I maneuver my wheelchair with one hand while holding objects like a cafeteria tray and navigating a crowd. Yes, I'm sure that people could have helped me, but it never occurred to me that I needed help...because it never occurred to me that I couldn't do it!

    I started taking collection at my church for the hospitality ministry, and last Sunday, I got six compliments (and two more today) because they were impressed that I could push my chair while holding the collection plate. It bothered me that people said, "Good job!" to me for doing such a simple task that no one else was admired/complimented for. I understand where they're coming from, however, because I'm so inspired by and impressed by Lizzie, who's also just living her life. For her and for you (and for me), it simply never crosses her mind or enters the picture. Rarely, I won't be able to do something, but it's hardly ever a question of WILL I be able to do something - it's a question of HOW, whether it's grocery shopping, loading my wheelchair into the car, getting through the airport and handling my luggage independently, and all the other things on the long list of things that are a habit/routine for me but surprise, impress, and inspire other people. I'm proud of my disability but I rarely think about it. People come up to me and ask, "What's wrong with you?" or "Were you in an accident?" and I don't know what they mean! Do I have spinach stuck in my teeth? I truly don't realize that they're asking me why I'm in a wheelchair. I LOVE educating people about spina bifida, but it sometimes takes me a long while and a follow-up question before I realize what they're asking. And I make it a point to say, "There's nothing 'wrong' with me." and to rephrase their question. Our God is an artist of perfection doesn't make any mistakes - not on my spine, not on Lizzie's hands and feet, and not on any of His beautiful creations.

    Although I don’t always like being told that I'm an inspiration simply for doing routine things, Lizzie inspires me, as do you - I work with so many parents who I wish would bring out their children's independence the way you do Lizzie's by allowing her to get into difficult situations and letting her struggle a little. From the very beginning, I’ve seen in the videos how your protectiveness of Lizzie has been so sweet and gentle - you are there to support her but you give her so much room to spread her wings, even though I know it hurts your heart and you want to completely and totally protect that little tiny girl with every fiber of your being. However, you let your heart hurt, knowing that she needs to learn and grow from new opportunities, and you take so much pride in her beautiful, AMAZING determination to achieve so many things that we think would be impossible - watching you in videos and reading you write about Lizzie has touched my heart so much more than you could ever know!

    I came across Lizzie's Gotcha Day video while surfing the net in December 2009 – a month I spent in and out of the hospital. Because I was so sick, I had endless time on my hands and staved off boredom by spending my days reading all of Lizzie's website and this blog . You said that Lizzie moves the hearts of those she meets, but I have yet to meet her and through you, she has moved my heart beyond measure. It has been so wonderful corresponding with you personally this year!

  7. She is one special beautiful girl. I love it that she's spunky!