Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Birthday Em

I know, I know - it is Monday!

My Sunday Snapshot is a bit, er...

late, but...

I have a good excuse...

We were having a party yesterday for a certain 6 year old!

 Oh my!

Even though her birthday was Saturday, we had planned on waiting to have her party until next Friday because well...

Yes, once again our crazy soccer schedule thwarts best laid plans.

However, there was to be an additional, last minute change of plans (more on that later - stay tuned - exciting stuff going on y'all)


We were forced to throw together a party in 2 days!

Now, for those of you who have boys - no biggie - right?

For those of you who have girls - HUGE BIGGIE!

I have learned through the years that with boys, all you need is cake, chips, juice boxes, some sort of ball and 


Yep, that's pretty much it!  

Just add boys and you have yourself a party!

I swear these boys of mine could have fun with nothing but some friends, some woods and possibly some sort of projectile for pegging each other every now and again.

Good times!

Girls, on the other hand, are a bit more, um, complicated.

I was able to talk Em down from the Princess Party

thank goodness

but there had to be games, don't ya know

 Thank goodness for Christian

our party game planner, extraordinaire - what he does for his sisters!

 there had to be decorations

and, of course, not just any cake...

but a pink cake and it couldn't just say Happy Birthday...


 Em's pink cake just had to say Ooh La La!


Even though it was very last minute

and even though it required a bit more planning

and even though there had to be a pink cake...

it was FUN...

notice the smile and the cash - heh!
and I was so glad that we were able to pull it off cause...

I just love this girlie and she really wanted a party

and even though it was HER birthday...

my sweet child got up early to make ME...

breakfast in bed - all by herself - cause she is 6 now!

This is my Em!

Emmie loves with her whole heart and just loves taking care of others.

Just like her twin brother, Charlie, she is LOUD and funny and caring and so very affectionate.

She can be stubborn and hard headed at times...

I really don't know where she gets that from - hehe!

but she just melts my heart with her daily notes, of flowers and hearts and lots of "I love you, Mom."

She is my miracle baby

The Lord's answer to MY hardheadedness

and what a beautiful answer she was!

She and her partner in crime sister

have been quite the adventure for this family and 

quite the blessing

We love you sweet Emmeline

You fill my days with love and laughter and sometimes tears but I would not miss out on the adventure that is YOU, for all the world!

Happy Birthday my love!

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  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! I love the pink Ooh la la cake! So funny. :) And how thoughtful to make breakfast in bed for her mommy.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Em! What a fun party!!!! You are a very grown up 6 year old!

  3. Boy don't I know what you mean about party planning for girls! We are already discussing the next birthday the day after the one they just celebrated!! haha Way to go mom for putting it together! :)

  4. Just beautiful, post and Em! Happy 6th birthday Emmeline

  5. Happy 6th birthday Em :) I love her cake!

  6. Happy Birthday Em! What a sweet sweet girl to make Mama breakfast!