Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Cherry

Remember sweet, precious Cherry????

Remember my plea for this child?

Sweet Cherry was just a file on the shared list

A file wwaayy down on the shared list

a file with a long list of special needs and a birthdate

Until the Lord brought her to me 


to YOU!

God brought this file to me and she became “Cherry”

The Lord brought her to YOU and she became “a precious child”

 a child with real needs but also a child with real love and compassion

a child who never asked for help but so needed help

a child who was making the best of her situation, without complaint

a child who loved to help with the younger ones, despite her needs

remember this video?

This video touched so many of you

This video moved hearts

It moved hearts so much so that within a week, we had all the funds and the donated equipment we needed to help this child who is so willing to help others!!


I just cannot thank you all enough for opening your hearts to sweet Cherry, for hearing God's plea for her and coming through in such an amazing way!

Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to help him.
Job 29/12

With your generosity, we were able to provide sweet Cherry a wheelchair, braces for her legs and a walker!!!!!!!

Check out what, through you, the Lord has done!!!!

A dear friend was able to actually meet sweet Cherry and deliver all of her equipment

and a few little presents

just because!!!!

My friend said that Cherry is very sweet and while she is delayed, she thinks that this precious child would do really well with the love and support of a family. Read what my friend told me about this wonderful child:

Personality-wise, Cherry is adorable!  She kept smiling at me and calling me “ayi”.  Cherry was very patient during all the position changes I put her through for the evaluation, but did breakdown briefly once when I bent her legs up, saying that it hurt her knee, but quickly recovered.  I had the translator tell her that she had done very well and I had some surprises waiting for her at the end. 
I gave Cherry the two gifts I had  brought for her (pink stuffed bunny and outfits), then presented her with the Hello Kitty purse that another sweet friend sent which she really loved!  However, the biggest hit of the day was the Bitty Baby doll which she put down only to eat her lunch and then went right back to holding!!!  I had the SWI staff ask her if she wanted to be adopted and she said that yes, she would like a family with a mother and father.  I sure hope she gets one!  Cherry seems very well cared for and loved.  As we walked to lunch, the orphanage director placed Cherry on her back for a piggyback ride.


Sweet Cherry needs a family, y'all!!!

This child would greatly benefit from physical therapy and perhaps some occupational therapy

She needs to be given the opportunity to learn and most of all...

She just needs love...

the love of a family...

and the knowing that God loves her...

and will always love her and that she is perfect and precious in His sight!!

Please help me to spread the word about this very special child.

Please pray that the Lord will provide the way for a very special family to bring her home!

Please email me at for more info on beautiful Cherry and...

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  1. Annie, I pray this sweet child finds her family!

  2. Annie,

    Thanks for the update! Our family has been praying for her.

    Dave and Lisa (Willow's parents)

  3. I bet she has nothing that insurance couldn't help. Maybe even prosthesis. We adopted a little girl that was crippled and at one point the doctor said "If we can't fix her foot a prosthesis is better than this and they are no big deal. I have lots of patients with them." I speak from experience when I say there is no better blessing than to be the one that made it possible for my daughter to run, jump, ride a bike and climb. She even played on a church basketball team this year. She didn't end up with a prosthesis, but she has wore a brace for years and again... no big deal.