Monday, June 11, 2012

4 years ago today...

Our sweet, wonderful, feisty little Lizzie was placed in my arms!

I will never, ever forget that day and how my heart was racing and how the tears were flowing and how you seem to just "know"

At 2 years old, you seem to truly understand, to know us.

It was as if the Lord had placed us in your heart and you had been waiting for us...
and wondering why it had taken us so long to get to you!

Knowing you now - I KNOW that was what you were thinking!  

I am surprised you weren't stamping your foot at us in frustration that you had to wait as long as you did


and as much as you "knew" the first time we met, the day that we pulled away from your orphanage and waved bye bye, your knowing truly took hold of you.

We understood where you were coming from and you understood where you were going.

It has been quite an adventure my love and through it all, you have shown courage and determination and love, such deep wonderful love and I feel so very blessed to know you and love you and call you my daughter!

As always, for this day, I am posting the video that I made for our sweet child after she had been home a year!

Love you my dear sweet Lizzie May!


  1. What a sweet day! Happy Forever Family Day to you and Lizzie!

  2. Four wonderful years! Enjoy this day celebrating your lovely Lizzie!

  3. Oh my heart... What a precious story. I love the video of you saying, "...she's right there!" I imagine myself in that same spot, saying the same thing very soon.

  4. Happy Forever Family Day!! Such a sweet post:)

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  6. A wonderful story, Annie, and still being written. :-) Thinking of you often as you begin your newest adoption journey. Our paperwork is with USCIS (waiting on fingerprint appointments). God's blessings to you, Laura

  7. I can't remember how I stumbled across Lizzie's Gotcha Day video, but I remember starting to bawl and then spending a very long winter hospitalization reading through her entire site, then this blog, and then being disappointed that I had caught up with your family's still-unfolding story! That little girl is so special and your family is so special that you just completely drew me in! And I just LOVE that picture of Lizzie sitting on the lawn chair with the funny face!