Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SO many wait...

OK, so I know I have an actual advocacy site but...

There are some kiddos...

Some beautiful kiddos...

Who have waited for such a long time...

A few of them are aging out - sigh...

A few of them are a little older than many families are willing to consider...

A few of them have a little more of a need than many families are willing to consider...


They are ALL precious and beautiful and waiting.

They are all on Lifeline's waiting child list - MY list and my heart is breaking for them.

Please help me to spread the word about these precious, waiting children.

You can go to my site, Wonderful Waiting Kids and look on my "Annie's Waiting Kiddos" page to see their sweet faces.

There is Phil who is wonderful!!!  Dear sweet Phil has not toes and weakness in his left arm and is oh SO cute!!!!  Apparently this wonderful boy who is so helpful with the younger children, gets teased when he goes to school.  Oh my heart!!!  Just wait till you see his big, beautiful smile!!!

There is Juliet who will age out in September!!!  I have video of this precious girl swinging and jumping rope with such joy!!!!  Please don't let this wonderful girl age out!

There is precious Colby who is described as "full of sunshine" as well as "active and outgoing, clever and able little boy."

There is beautiful Jizelle who will age out in January.  This sweet child is described as "loving and knows to take care of younger brothers and sisters."

There is precious Justine who will age out in November!  This wonderful little girl is described as active, polite and clever and she wants a family:)  I have video of this beautiful girl as well.

There is wonderful Chaz who will age out in March.  Who, when the staff asked him if he was willing to be adopted by foreign family, looked very happy and said "I want to have a family. I am willing to be adopted and want to have my own parents."  Oh my!!!

There is Cain who is described as "loveable" and an "excellent student".  What a sweet face this child has!!!

There is precious Cameron who has the biggest, most beautiful, saddest eyes!!!  Precious Cameron needs his momma!

There is Chad who is 12 years old and HEALTHY!  "He has good habit, he can get along with other sister and brother, and is a warm hearted boy, he usually help the younger children do what he can. He usually plays games with other sister and brother."  Sigh!!!

There are many, many more listed on this page, MY page.

Some of them are due to go back to the shared list soon and that will break my heart.  The rest will be with my a little while longer and I pray that their forever families will find them.

Please, please help me spread the word about these beautiful, wonderful, waiting children!!

Wonderful Waiting Kids

Wonderful Waiting Kids

Thank you!!!

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