Friday, October 26, 2012

Buckle Up, Cuz...

A certain someone is officially 15 years old!!!


This kid will be driving soon!

OK, OK, this kid...

Sigh, I am so not ready but - he - is!

However, before I get right in to the Happy Birthday part of this post, I need to back up a bit because, ya see, I have been holding out on you for a little while now.

Remember this post, Guest Blogger 

Well, I have been waiting until now to praise God and to tell you all that He heard your prayers and paved the way for Christian to be able to attend the school that he wanted to attend, the school that he wrote about in that post and asked for prayers to be able to attend.

You see, it is a good school but a private school and well, I have been pretty honest about our financial situation lately and it - just - did - not - look - good - but God...

God heard our prayers and He heard your prayers and answered.

Through a dear friend, we found out about a scholarship fund for this school.

You had to write an essay on why you would like to attend this school, you had to submit financial statements, you had to submit grades, teacher references, you and your parents had to be interviewed and...

you had to take a test...

We were golden up until that last part...

My wonderful Christian just does not test well, not when it comes to timed tests and well it wasn't pretty y'all - but God...

God knew where he needed to be and moved within the sweet man's heart who manages this fund (we will call him B here) and prompted him to set up an interview with Christian anyway, despite his less than, um, remarkable test taking skills.

Well, as soon as B met Christian, he knew that he wanted Christian at this school.  He saw that his grades were good and saw that his heart was good.

When he met with us, he told us how impressed he was with our eldest and that he would do all that he could to help us out as much as possible!

When he called us to tell us that Christian had been accepted, he also told us that even though it was not a full scholarship, he was able to get Christian's books and uniforms thrown in!


The monthly payments would still be a stretch but we heard the Lord's guidance in this and knew that we could not, should not, turn this down and that He would provide for us to be able to make those monthly payments and then...

right before the first payment was due in July, Hubby lost his job and we faltered and in our human-ness, we just knew that there was no way we could make those payments, but God...

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1 

God had a plan and as soon as B heard that Hubby had lost his job, he called me, B told me not to worry, he told me that Christian needed to be at that school and that, as the Lord would have it, right before he found out about the job loss, one of the other invited scholars decided to decline the offer, which meant...

there was extra money, which meant...

B could offer it to Christian as a way to lighten our load and help us with these monthly payments!


B reminded me that we had told him that we were certain that the Lord would provide the way for us to make those payments and that this was His provision - in spite of the job loss - in spite of our human-ness, He provided, so Christian now gets to wear a uniform and is "lookin' good"!  

His geometry could use some work but I am thrilled to report that he has a 99 in Theology!!!!! 

Of course;)  

 He wants to be a Marine but I think Mom the Lord might have other plans, I mean a 99 in Theology, um yeah, hint hint!!!

So my Minister/Marine is 15 and growing into such an amazing young man.

He is now officially taller than me and weighs about 20 pounds more.

He is the strong, serious, silent type except when he is trying to get in the last word - then he just doesn't know when to shut up be quiet!!

He is cool on the outside and warm on the inside and has gotten very serious about soccer and his future and is determined!

This summer, he decided that he wanted to get a job...

a real job...

so when I heard that a grocery store here in town would hire 14 year olds as bag boys...

we went and applied and sure enough...

he was hired.

He went through a weekend long training and then they turned him loose!

All through the summer, he faithfully went to work and bagged groceries while we were at the pool or the neighborhood dock or just hanging out and we are so proud of his dedication!

Now he is the expert bagger and ultimate critique of all the other grocery store's bagging skills, or lack there of, because he is 15 now and knows everything, don't ya know!

Seems as soon as they get that "teen" behind their age, they have full knowledge of how all things in the universe work and don't mind telling you so!

We are soon to have another "teen" in the house come January!

This one is strong but so not serious or silent!

Should be fun - yeah

So today was the day and as we gathered round to open his gifts, he gladly displayed his most fav gift...

yep, the driver's manual - heh!

We also made a cookie brownie cake

and tomorrow night, will make one of his fav's...

Tammy's Hot Dog Casserole!

I don't eat meat but this looks and smells sooooo good!

Go to Tammy's blog, Country Girl at Home to get the recipe!

Thanks Tammy!

Most everyone here loved it and that is saying a lot!

Tonight, however, he is going to his school's football game, cause he's 15 and growing up and while I will always think of him as my baby, I do love seeing the man that he is becoming.

Heck, he even offered to take his siblings to the park...

on - his - birthday!

Christian is smart and disciplined, kind and genuine.

He holds himself and those around him to a higher standard and don't we just need more of that in today's world?

He is very serious but doesn't take himself too seriously and that is a great combination.

We love you sweet boy and while my heart stops when I think about your desire to be in the military, I am so proud of that desire and know in my heart (and think I have always known) that the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when He created you.

So, Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

We love you and we are so very proud of you!!

  All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.
Isaiah 54:13

Wishing you great peace dear Christian as you grow and learn and struggle and rejoice.  Walk always with Him sweetie and just let Him guide your path. 


  1. beautiful post Annie, what an awesome boy!! I so love that age! Happy Birthday Christian!

  2. Annie, What an amazing young man you have raised. I can see why you are just so proud of him. Heck, I don't know him and I'm proud of him! LOL Hope my boys are that genuine and mature at that age. Great job, parents! Great job, Christian!

    1. Thank you dear Heather! You just made my night:)

  3. So, so very happy for you and for Christian. What a special guy! God is good! I'm Sending a little special your way soon...

    1. Rebecca, you are so sweet!!!! How are your adoptions going? I will hop over and see:)

  4. Happy birthday to your handsome boy! What a great smile he is. How wonderful to hear of how God provided for him to attend his school!

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  5. Thank you Rita. There is no way he could have gone without the Lords's provision. He just totally blew us away!

  6. I loved seeing all the pictures of you guys with this remarkable young man! You are blessed. :-)

    1. VERY blessed and I need to remember that!!! Thank you dear Laura!

  7. Annie, this is so wonderful; God has His hands on every aspect of your lives.