Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Cherry is Coming Home!!!!!!!

Remember sweet, precious Cherry!!!!

 Many of you graciously donated when I posted about her and her need for a wheelchair and a walker (she was using a wooden stool as a walker) and some braces for her legs!

I was, once again, blown away by everyone's generosity! 

She was able to get the wheelchair and the walker and the braces and now... 


I was advocating heavily for sweet Cherry but I had not posted about her in a while as I knew there was a family, a wonderful family who had Cherry on their hearts. 

This family had to wait and to trust and to have great faith and patience and now, they have PA for this beautiful child!!!!  

I am just thrilled that the Lord laid this child on their hearts and that they heard that plea and knew that they had to do whatever it took to bring this child home! 

 I cannot wait to see precious Cherry in her wonderful, new family!!!! I mean, I think the whole neighborhood heard my screams of joy when this dear family called to tell me that they had finally been able to lock her file!

Praise you Lord for this wonderful family and praise you for blessing them with this amazing child! 

God is just so good!!!!



  1. Annie, this news makes me cry with tears of joy. She has waited so long!

    1. Me too Vicky!!! She is just such a precious child! I actually got to talk with someone who met her and she is a sweetie!!!

  2. I'm so very happy to hear this!!!!

  3. Annie, you know we are rejoicing with you! I look forward to seeing that homecoming report! If the family decides to blog, please share! Angie

  4. YES and I cannot wait to watch as the Lord brings your beautiful child home too, Laura!!!!!