Sunday, December 2, 2012

Drumroll Please...

Well after months and months of a standoff between the girls who wanted Eleanor (Ella) 
and the boys who wanted Samantha (Sam)... 
 after searching for other "neutral" names, looking up meanings and making a fav's list...

the Lord answered my prayer and showed us what XM's name should be.
Yep, LUCY!
You see, as much as we like all of the names on our fav's list, there was always one thing about them that we didn't like...

None of them were family names

and I do like family names.

I would go through all the female family names that I knew and none of them seemed to fit and then...
 we went to Marney's (Hubby's Mom's) house for Thanksgiving. 
As we sat around the Thanksgiving table, we just happened to mention that we were still struggling with XM's name, when sweet Marney said, almost in a whisper, that her Grandmother's name was Lucy - Lucy Rowe.

Y'all she said it in such a way and with such affection in her voice, that, to my heart, she may as well have shouted it out!  I looked at Chris and he looked at me and I think we both knew that we had found our name.

Lucy had not even made the fav's list.

We hadn't even considered it, but in that moment of loving remembrance, the Lord showed us that this was the name and as I learned about Marney's Lucy or Lulee as she called her, I knew that XM would fill that name beautifully.

Marney's Lucy was a strong but nurturing spirit and I know our Lucy will be too.

Lucy means light and oh my was XM ever a light at the end of our long tunnel.  

So, Lucy it is (Lucy Rowe) and the Stiffs have won the wonderful snap bracelet!

Congrats!!  I will email you for your address.

Thank you all for your sweet guesses and for hanging in there with us on this incredible journey!


  1. Congratulations! How soon will Lucy be home???

    1. Thanks Rebecca!! Maybe late Spring/Early Summer????

  2. I love how God shows you the right name! Lucy is perfect!

  3. Oh my how my great grandmother would love this honor! Thank you for giving your child her name, it will be forever a beautiful rememberance! Much love and hugs to you, and to sweet Lucy tonight!

  4. We have a Lucy our daughter from China. Placed in our arms Oct 2006 at 8 months. I love Lucy!
    Congratulation! A perfect name!
    Love Deb in Virginia

    1. Reportedly, our Lucy's own grandmother, little Janey Weate Watkin, often took to referring to Lucy as "my little cheeky-one"... Lucy could have an obstinate nature and a mind all her own. In a big family, that served her well and in your's I suspect it might suit YOUR Lucy well too! Blessings to you dear cousins.

    2. Love this Jeff! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hooray! I seriously LOVE that name and it's even better hearing the God story behind it. Sent you an email sweet friend. Blessings!

  6. Oh, love it! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. There is so much significance in a name. Beautiful choice. (And I love your photos!)

  7. LOVE her name!!!! XOXO Lucy and Evie... isn't that just the sweetest!!!

  8. LUCY!!!! LOVE IT!! Perfect, Annie! She looks like a Lucy!

  9. Congratulations! We are so excited for you! Loveu the story. It is perfect!

  10. Cute post!! I think I said it was not Lucy... oh well! I'm a good loser!

    Love the name- in fact loved all the names! I was surprised to see Virginia even up there. It was my Mom's name and my mom was my BFF!

    I love it when there is a story with a name- beautiful!!