Sunday, December 9, 2012

I am a Failure...

a foster failure, that is...

I know, I know

I swore sweet Charlie was NOT staying!

I mean he had a committed rescue up in NY...

We have 4 dogs already, cause....

we had already "failed" with fosters, Lily and Sierra.

I used to be strong...
 I have had lots and lots of fosters over the years and they all eventually found wonderful "furever" families.
 Some were harder than others to let go but...
It's all their fault
I tried to find a home for Lily.  
I tried and tried and tried but never had one person, not one, even ask about her.  She has 3 legs and we had just lost our sweet pup Tippy, who also had 3 legs and after a year of advocacy, I was just not strong enough to let her go.

Sierra came to us as a temporary foster and needed socialization, boy did she ever need socialization!
This sweet puppy was scared of everything and everybody and it took a solid month of love and patience and hard work to get her to the point of not hiding under the bed or behind the sofa whenever we came near her.

She still hides behind the sofa whenever anyone other than our family comes in the house and I knew after a few months that she was not going anywhere.  It would have been too hard on her...

and us.

So, three strikes and we are out, right?
At least for a while anyway, I mean we now have 5 kids and 5 dogs.
I know what you are thinking...
we will have a 6th child soon...
 She can have the cat!  

Now, here is the hard part and I need your help!

I cannot have a Lizzie and a Lily and a Lucy and TWO Charlie's, so...


Maybe something with a CH or SH sound??

Chewy is in the running but we need more suggestions!


Welcome home sweet Charlie

You are home and safe...



  1. Annie I must be stronger than you. I only have one "failed" foster, and note that I say have (not had) :-). Anyway, I'll throw a few at you--Chester, Shane, Carson. :-) We were blessed with our sweet, sweet adopted labs, Dakota and Cheyenne for 15 years and lost them both about a year and a half ago to old age. They were great dogs and I miss them both. A lot.

    1. Haha! Love all of those names Laura, thank you! 15 years is a long time for labs! They were obviously well loved!!!!

  2. What a wonderful family you are....just look how that dog looks so
    happy as you all gather round her. My special boy "furpet" was named just seemed like such a cute name for a dog.
    Thank you for being so kind to all your dogs and kids!...No husband
    anymore, always had to "fight" with him over not allowing our "my"
    beautiful German Shepard in the house..well, the dog got to stay and
    the animal hater left...our lives were better without him, not easier,just

    1. Thank you so much MM. I LOVE German Shepherds!!! Great dogs!

  3. how sweeeeeeeettttt!!!!! I have been wondering about another pup - but it may send me over the edge! haha! :)

    1. Yep Jodi, I fell over that edge a while back:) LOL!

  4. Annie I love this post and that last picture especially!! Let me think on names...

  5. Loving the pictures (:

  6. I love it...maybe Charlie Brown, SIR Charles, Cherub angel dog?

  7. Wait a minute....Christian has a girlfriend?!?! I am getting WAY too old!!! All your pics made me cry, but I'm going with the name Chance :). Love you guys! April

    1. I know!!! Can you believe it April!!! We were just talking about you and remembering you tonight! You are so sweet!

  8. Tooo Cute!! Yes- you are a failure...but in a good way! I don't think I could foster cuz I would do the same thing-everytime!

    The pics are so cute and they tell the whole story!

    Love the name Champ!!

  9. Chuckie, nickname for Charlie....

  10. haha, Annie. I knew you'd never resist...

  11. He's about the color of a chamois cloth. Call him Shammy. (You might be a failure at fostering but you're GREAT at adoption!) Lisa P.

  12. Chance .. as in second :)
    I love your story

  13. Maybe Chad or Chase?