Monday, January 7, 2013

It is Hard...

to ask for help.

It is humbling to ask for help but I think sometimes that can be ok.

I find myself asking the Lord for help ALL THE TIME these days.

That is not hard.

I have learned that I can do nothing without Him and really don't want to.

Sometimes it is hard to remember to always turn to Him and ask but I know He is always there and always listening and while I may not always like His solutions, I trust that they are always for my best.

So why is it so gosh darn hard to ask you all for help?

Honestly, I have started and stopped this post a few times before the words started to flow.

You see, we are still having to fund raise for our sweet Lucy and it is hard to ask, but as I sat here stopping and starting, I realized that He is there and He is listening and this is one of His solutions and then the words came.

 My very sweet Sis-in-Law came to me over New Years and asked if she could do a fundraiser for us.  I know that times are tight for them as well and this just really touched my heart.

Sarah has been working for a company called BeautiControl and told me over the holidays that she wanted to use one of their products to help bring Lucy home !

  My sweet Sis-in-Law is offering their Instant Manicure To-Go Hand Scrub plus the Extreme Repair Hand Creme set at the retail price of $45. 

She will donate her entire profit to our "Lucy Fund" which will be $20 per sale. If you would like to support us this way and get some really WONDERFUL hand products, please email Sarah Rogers Hamlin directly at with the subject line BRING LUCY HOME. 

I was able to try these 2 products when we were in NC over New Year's. They were so great and made my hands felt so soft! I found myself rubbing my hands together the rest of the night just because they felt so soft!  My hands get so dry and cracked in the winter that they bleed and these 2 products, the scrub and the cream, made them feel divine, y'all!

I already ordered a set as a gift for someone who reads this blog so shall remain nameless!  This fundraiser will only last for one month, so I am hoping you all will share on Face Book or your own blogs and if you feel so led, purchase these great products to support our "Lucy Fund."

There is another plea for help that I would like to post about.
This one is not hard at all for me. 

My wonderful friends, Angie and Tom, over at The Rylands Family are also fundraising to bring their TWO older boys home! 

Cooper and 

Those of you who follow me on FB will probably recognize sweet Connor as I advocated for him for a long time, never knowing that the Lord was working on Angie and Tom's hearts!  I think they were just as shocked as I was! Wink!

Anyway, Angie and Tom have already brought 2 aging out boys home and are trusting in the Lord to provide the way to bring these 2 other precious ones home.  

They have been chosen to be featured in the Give One Save One campaign and I am thrilled for them!  I would so love it if you would share for them as well or donate if you feel the Lord's prompting.

So there, it's done and it wasn't so bad after all!

Thank you for your continued help and support and prayers.
It means and has meant so much to us as we travel down the Lord's often unpredictable but always breathtaking path. 


  1. Lucy is coming to a wonderful home! It has been exciting to watch your family through this entire process and see how God is answering! Praying for you all!!

  2. Thank you so much sweet Akin Clan! I enjoyed reading over your blog:)

  3. Annie,
    Write a letter and send it to everyone you know. Send out an email to everyone in your list of contacts. You'll be amazed at the people who respond.. Even if you barely know them. What we learned was that people really do want to help and they are generous! Just be specific. Tell them exactly what you need and how they can help and how every little penny counts!
    God WILL provide!