Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - Passing It On

So this Sunday Snapshot is a all about finding snapshots.

I know many of my readers are in the adoption community and I wanted to pass along a little tidbit that I just found out about not too long ago.

As we all know, when you are waiting for your child, when you are loving that child from a far, when all you have to hold onto are a few pictures and if you are lucky some video, when you crave any little teeny tiny bit of info about that child's present or past...

any info, any pics, any anything about that child is such a gift and such a blessing and such needed oomph for a weary heart.

Another beautiful soul in the adoption world, told me about Baidu Images.

Now I had heard of Baidu but I had not heard that if you go first to Goggle translate, you can type in the name of your child's orphanage, get the Chinese characters, type them into the Baidu Images site and...

maybe find pictures...

of your child...

I did and got all of these...

any glimpse into Lucy's world...

is such a treasure to me and helps me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, reminding me that each step brings us that much closer to bringing her home.

I tired  doing the same with Lizzie's orphanage and while I found so, so many photos of absolutely beautiful children, I didn't find any of Lizzie - yet!

 I need about 5 hours of uninterrupted time to go through them all!  

One of these days...

So, if you are adopting or have adopted and have about 3 to 4 hours of uninterrupted time (ha), check it out!

You might find a precious piece of your child's life that will help you to hang on or help you to continue to piece together the life that your child had, pre-you.

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Ni Hao Yall


  1. Thanks for this !!! Can't wait to see what I can find on our little one !!!!

  2. While waiting to travel to bring home our DD I spent hours on Baidu looking for pictures and did find a couple! It helped get us through the wait as we tried to get updated pics of her from the CWI but were unsuccessful, it was so reassuring to see her doing well and I still treasure those pictures and included them in her lifebook.

  3. Annie, I remember how cherished those precious photos were! Even if it was my daughter in the back corner of a photo or video! I love these pics you found. I will go and see if I can find anything more!

  4. Oh I didn't know that Annie! How wonderful that you found so many of Lucy! I hope I can find some of Luke! I know how we held on to every single photo they sent. And then the orphanage gave us a little scrapbook of some photos and we were just looking through them with Luke the other day. Thanks for sharing this!


  5. hi which exact baidu site? I found so many :) thanks for the info