Sunday, October 20, 2013

Soccer With a Twist!

So, if you have been around long enough, you know that we are a soccer family.

We used to have 5 playing but this year, we are down to 2...


and fierce little Lizzie

I just love to watch my kiddos play soccer and these two are just all in y'all!

They give it all, out on that field and that, is awesome to watch!

Now I am pretty certain Maggie and Lucy had never been to a soccer game before but they embraced their sister support roles like real pro's!

They have such fun cheering their siblings on that I sometimes have to ask them to tone down their enthusiasm a bit!


What a blessing to watch these two cheering Christian and Lizzie on with such love!

Now, yesterday, little Lucy decided that she had had enough of the sidelines and wanted to play too.

Her siblings were more than happy to oblige!

Have I said how much I love my kiddos!!!


  1. I absolutely love this video! Lucy's laughter is truly priceless. What a good brother and sister to help her experience the thrill of "kicking" the ball!

  2. LOVE this, Annie! You have such a beautiful, loving family!

  3. Good job on raising healthy, active children who understand teamwork and sportsmanship! I can empathize with Maggie and Lucy's excitement and pride. I used to play soccer in a team and those are still the best years of my life.