Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Way!

There is just no way, that it has already been 16 years...

Sixteen years since I was first introduced to this bundle of cuteness and to this incredible journey of motherhood!

Whenever my sweet Christian complains about the sheer number of kids in this family and the level of noise they can produce, I just have to remind him that he couldn't be so stinkin' cute and remain an only child, so he only has himself to blame!

Funny... that doesn't seem to help.


 He has gone from playing with trucks to driving them, well at least driving my big green machine...

 and my heart is overcome when I stop and think about how fast the years have gone by.

Christian wants to be a Marine...

something I think the Lord has been preparing my heart for ever since he was 2 years old.

He put a knowing in this Momma's heart about this boy.

He also knew how hard it would be for me...

hence the 14 year preparation!


Christian is growing into an amazing young man and we are just so very proud of his character and sense of honor.

He is strong and independent, confident and driven and a pretty amazing athlete.

He is also kind and caring and is muddling through these tough teen years with a fair amount of grace.

We have had our rough spots but have come through it stronger.

He is a comfort to have around!

I have thoroughly enjoyed (just about) every phase of his growing up and I just cannot wait to watch as this incredible young man turns into an incredible man!

So, for your 16th birthday, I have decided that we need a family motto.

How about...

We are large and in charge!

or what about...

Larger than life!

or maybe...

Bigger is better!

Oh I know!

Supersize it!!!


Just remember, it is all your fault!

Love you sweet boy!


  1. Christian would make an awesome Marine! No-one understands service and honor as well as he does! Happy Birthday, Christian!

  2. Wow! He sounds a lot like my son at age 16. He also loved soccer and the Marine Corp. So much so that he joined at age 17. It's tough being a mom of a tough kid. Enjoy him while he is home. It is so hard when they leave. Happy Birthday!

    PS, I wish all my kids would stay 8 years old, though.

    1. Oh Cheri! That must have been so hard on your sweet heart but I know you must be so very proud of him!

  3. He should apply to one of the Academy's! I know you are proud! Happy Birthday, Christian.