Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Day of Firsts

So if you saw my previous post, Licensed and Legal, you know that our oldest now has his (gulp) restricted drivers license so for the first time ever, on Tuesday...
 I watched as he drove away...
 without me...
in my Daddy's old pick up truck!
I know my Dad is smiling down on his first grandchild and somehow making sure that Christian will always have a full tank of gas and a little bit of cash - just in case!

Something that he always made sure his little girl (that would be me) had.
Miss you in times like this Dad.

The other "first" that happened on Tuesday was Maggie and Lucy's very first day of real school!

They were so very excited...

and that made it so much easier on this momma's heart.

They are growing and changing so rapidly right before my eyes...

and while I know how wonderful they are, as their Momma, I worry about how others (esp other children) will perceive (and treat) them and sending them off to real school, knowing that they would be mainstreamed for lunch and recess...

well, let's just say that my heart just could not go there as I said goodbye and left them there, so excited and eager to experience what their siblings mostly take for granted...

however, as I got them settled in their class this morning, their teacher began to tell me about their first lunch in the cafeteria with all the other children.

She told me that Maggie and Lucy had really had such a good time and that the other children who were asked to sit with them, were very interested in the girls and that they were asking a lot of questions but being very sweet and polite and that because those kiddos had had such a great time sitting with my girls...

 there were many other kids who were asking to be able to sit with them tomorrow!

While we still have our daily challenges, these are the ways in which the Lord just blesses us and reassures us that He has this and that He is in the hard as well as the good.

These are glimpses of what He has planned for Maggie and Lucy...

and for us!

As we left school that day - the day of the great lunch - a sweet little girl came over and said goodbye and that she would "see them tomorrow"!

When I asked Maggie and Lucy who she was and where they had met her, all they said was...


Yep, the Lord has a plan for my sweet girls and from what I can tell it reaches far wider than our little family.

So, tomorrow I will send them off yet again with book bags and lunch boxes and the knowledge that while they are not with me for those 7 hours, they are with Him...
and He is always with them...

even in a school cafeteria!


  1. I cried all the way through this post! Tears of celebrations, joy and tears at God's faithfulness, time and time again!

    1. Thank you dear Vicky and YES He is just so good!

  2. ohhhh I feel your pain!!! My daughter just got her drivers license!! Ohhh, that is a whole new worry, isn't it! :) And your precious girls!! They will be well loved and protected!! Praying with you as your kids embark on their new new! :)

    1. Thank you dear Jodi and YES, a whole other world of worry;)

  3. Our Father is so good to us! Great that you can share these affirmations with others as encouragement for our own struggles. Love those Hamlin kids!

  4. Yay! Funny how they become like little celebrities at school, isn't it? We had the same thing happen with our girls. I was very worried about them fitting in......especially Julia. But, I needn't have been concerned. God has them right where He wants them!

    1. Oh Maria, He sure does! Isn't it awesome to watch!

  5. That is one awesome pickup truck and I am sure that Christian will be a very responsible and dependable driver. So glad the girls are settling in well and the other children are so nice to them.

    1. Thank you so much CO78. It can be a bit cantankerous but he loves it:)