Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lucy's New Wheels!

She knew it was coming...

and she was SO excited about it!
Not that Lucy needs a walker all the time as she has made such great progress in the short amount of time that she has been home...
about a month after coming home

and about a month and a half ago

but there are times...  
times when those little legs of hers just don't want to move anymore or times when she just cannot seem to stay on her feet and when Lucy falls, it is not an easy fall...
there is usually blood involved - poor baby - and as soon as Lucy started school last week, it became very apparent that she needed just a little help.
Soooo, 5 or 6 falls and one nasty cut on the head later...

my sweet girl has a new set of wheels!

A beautiful friend of mine saw my post on FB, looking for a used set of wheels for Lucy, called me immediately and insisted that we allow her to buy Lucy a walker!
She would not take "no" for an answer!

She researched, told me how to measure, talked to the company's customer service and by the next day it was ordered!

Lord, thank you for my sweet friend, her heart for You and her passion to serve You!

So with no further adieu, here is a very short video of Lucy's first day at school with her brand new wheels.
Watch out Caleb, Em and Lizzie...

"chase" with Lucy has just gotten serious...

or at least - FAIR!

Game on!


  1. So thrilled for your girl!!!! We can't wait for Laney to get hers! What a battle with insurance!!!

  2. Love how fast Miss Lucy can go with her new wheels! Praising God with you for your wonderful blessing!

  3. Tears! I love seeing how God moves in the hearts of His people to reach out! What a blessing for sweet Lucy!

  4. Watch her go!!! Happy tears for sweet Lucy!!!

  5. Yayyy Praise God you go beautiful Miss Lucy. Love it. such a pretty green too for your wheels!! You go Princess Lucy so the world what God has done for you. :)


  6. Hey sweet girl! My nikki has the same cute shirt!

  7. Thanks everyone! She is just loving her new found independence:)