Monday, May 12, 2014

Adopted Once More

I will not ever forget this Mother's Day

Lucy and Maggie could not wait to give me the cards that they had made for me

I imagine it was the first time they had ever made a Mother's Day card and they were so excited as they are beginning to understand a little bit of the love they were adopted into.

Lucy tells me all the time now, "Mommie, I just love this family!"

We talk about China and we talk about adoption and we talk about how they are here forever and that we love them just because we do, because they are our daughters...

and yesterday, on Mother's Day...

the girls agreed to be adopted once again...

as the Lord's own.

It was powerful y'all and as I watched them both and the joy that was completely evident on their faces, the struggles of the past 9 months faded away as the joy of their journey took its place.

We asked Christian and Charlie to be their Godparents and they were ready and willing to take on this important role in their sisters' lives...

and last night, Christian posted just a bit from his heart about the day...

"Today Charlie and I were blessed to become godparents to our two newest sisters. Lucy and Maggie. We adopted them 8 months ago from China and it has been an amazing experience to see them develop and thrive in America."
What an amazing Mother's Day!

and in Lucy's own words...

Jesus loves me Mommie and I love Him!



  1. Yahoooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the family girls! Julia made her first Communion last week and I was a sobbing mess! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Maria and congrats to Julia as well! So awesome!!!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes.