Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

So tomorrow is Mother's Day and I have five special mothers on my heart tonight.

My sweet Mom is always on my mind and close to my heart.

She loves tremendously and has taught me so much about gentleness and compassion.

After Hubby, she is the very next phone call I make, regardless of if I need a shoulder to cry on or a loving grandmother heart to brag to.

My wonderful Mom-in-law is another sweet influence in our lives.

She has such a sentimental heart and loves to make memories for our children...

and while we don't get to see her as often, the kiddos talk about her as if we see her everyday!

These two beautiful women have made such an impact and been such an influence on our hearts.

Thank you

The other three Moms who are very much on my heart tonight are Lizzie, Maggie and Lucy's birth Moms.

We pray for them every night and while I do not know if their hearts ache for the daughters that they gave up....

I do know that these brave women chose to give my daughters life and for that I will be eternally grateful.  

I cannot imagine the world without my three beautiful, determined, compassionate, loving daughters.

So we pray for peace for these women and we pray that they might somehow come to know the love that Lizzie knows and that Maggie and Lucy are beginning to know, and tomorrow...

 that love will come to live within Maggie Lucy as they are baptized.

Cannot think of a better Mother's Day gift!

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