Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Go Diego Go

OK, so apparently things aren't crazy enough around here!  
 The girls and I had a little "Diego" action today as we rescued some baby animals that were hanging around their mom who had died (in our backyard) and had a buzzard buzzing around it.  
That is actually how we found them.  
Hubby noticed the buzzard and I sent him out to investigate...
then sent him back to get the dead momma with babies still clinging to her, in a box...
*love that man*
then into the back of my car so the girlies and I could take them to a local vet who works with a wildlife rescue.  
Picture all four girls and myself in my car with the windows rolled down trying not to take a deep breath...
it was stinky!!!  
We finally made it...

and 7 of the 10 babies are going to make it!

Can you guess what they are?

Oh and afterwards, my rescue buds got a trip to the grocery store to pick out their fav frozen ice cream treats!

Oh boy, do I see trouble ahead!



  1. I really enjoy your blog! Has to be baby opossums!

  2. They are so cute. Are they baby opossums?...
    Thank you for rescuing them...all of you.
    Some wouldn't have been so caring for
    what they consider a "nuisance" animal.
    mm,vancouver, wa.

  3. Awesome Possums!
    They are considered a pest in New Zealand, though :( Apparently they spread bovine tuberculosis. But I still think they are beautiful, and their population can still be managed humanely. So glad you and the girls were on hand to help them. Thank you, Wildlife Buddies!