Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bad "A" Mom

So, a couple months back a new, sweet friend described me as a Bad "A" Mom.

I have to say that I have never considered myself a Bad "A" anything but I am coming to understand that most Moms of special needs kiddos are Bad "A" Moms.


Ever since the girls came home, it has been a battle over one thing or another.

I have battled with hospitals and doctors and billing departments and insurance (a biggie)...

and school...

a big biggie...

I have to start here by saying that I love Maggie and Lucy's teachers.

I love the therapists that they have at school...
and I love, love, love the office staff who are always so helpful and happy to see my girls.


there has been one particular administrative person that I have had to "battle".

This person insisted that the girls had to be mainstreamed at lunch, recess and special area with children who are the same age as the girls' "official" China dates of birth makes them.

Which means that my girls were eating lunch, going to recess and participating in special area with 4th and 5th graders.

I have to wonder if this person had spent any time at all with my girls.


The children were sweet and helpful but the age and developmental gap was far too large for the girls to be able to connect and to make friends.

Even after I told the administration that we had started the legal process to change the girls' ages, this person still insisted that there was nothing they could do...

even if I contacted the district office... 


I contacted the district office...

and what did they do?

Well, after speaking to the girls' doctor, they placed the girls with 1st and 2nd graders!


And after the first day back from break, Maggie came home all excited...


Double Boom!

She told me that her friend was the same age that she was...


and that her new friend went to our church!

And then my sweet girl said, "Mom, she knows God!"

How awesome is that?

So, yep, I am owning the title of Bad "A" Mom and claiming it for all Moms of special needs kiddos everywhere, not because we are all that...

but because the Lord calls and when He calls, He equips.


I think I am liking this!



  1. You GO, Annie! :) God knew exactly who those girls needed. :)

  2. Good you! I'm so glad to see that some children from China are being able to attend school in an appropriate grade. I fought and gave up trying to get my daughter into 3rd grade instead of 5th (would have been HORRIBLE for her as even 3rd would have been a stretch) and we have continued to homeschool, but I would love to have my daughter come home and tell me she's made a friend.

  3. We changed 2 out of 4 kiddos ages. One right away and one later due to developmental delays/autism. Best thing we couldv'e done. The schools are so harsh on kids. But we do have great speech people. Fight the good fight and good luck. You are an A+ mom.