Sunday, January 25, 2015


He was the first of a new generation.

 He was the first after the original pack of 5 that brought Hubby and myself together.

He was our gentle giant...

our self proclaimed "nanny" dog who took on the job of keeping up with the kiddos and making certain they were OK - always...

In his prime, he slept with them upstairs and would not come down in the morning until the last child, sleepily made their way down.

He would swim with them while they were in my Mom's pool or would run around the pool so much while they swam, that his pads would bleed and we would have to put him inside.

If the kids started to get loud or rambunctious, he would spin and chase his tail as his nervousness for them grew.

Most of all though, he was an ever present, unobtrusive, sweet, protective, loving pup and and we had to say good-bye to this sweet spirit a few weeks ago.

As Tazzie grew older, it was harder for him to make it up and down the stairs, harder for him to chase his tail, harder for him to run around the pool...

but every night, he would venture down to our neighborhood dock with Hubby and one of our other doggies, Goose.

 There, they would enjoy the stars and the quiet and Tazzie could relax while he was "off duty".

It is never easy to say good-bye but this good-bye seemed to come too soon, too fast and we were just not ready...

I think Tazzie was, but we were - just - not.

It is funny how easy it is to love these beautiful creatures who use your carpet as a potty, tear up everything from toilet paper to your expensive shoes and who leave huge clumps of  hair floating around the house the size of soccer balls...

but ya do cause they are always there, waiting to be loved and to love...

humbly, forgivingly, therapeutically and unconditionally.

We miss you sweet Tazzie.

Rest in knowing that you helped to raise some really good kiddos, whose childhood memories will forever be sprinkled with the presence their ever constant, always vigilant "nanny dog".


  1. So sorry for your loss. He sounded like a wonderful pup.

  2. What a beautifully done tribute to your Tazzie. I'm in tears!..he was so
    fortunate and blessed to have you as his family. Thank you for sharing
    and reminding people how important dogs can be to all family members.
    mm,vancouver,wa. age 68

  3. Ohhh, that makes me so, so sad for you all. So sorry, friend!

  4. So sorry Annie. What a beautiful doggie he was!

  5. I know the feeling. We lost our Millie a year ago. It is tough when you had them for so many years.

  6. So sorry for your loss! Pets become such a part of the the family. Hugs from Georgia!

  7. Rest in peace Tazzie

  8. Bless your sweet family! I am so sorry!!!!! XOXO