Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

So, it is about 4 days before Christmas and I am just now getting around to writing about Thanksgiving!  

Yep, that pretty much sums up life for us right now.

You would think that after going from 7 to 6...

we would have more spare time than we would know what to do with!


Apparently when they go off to college...

they come back...


and I would not have it any other way!

Heck, I am finding it hard to let these two go back to "regular" school next year...

It was tough releasing this one into middle school...

but I had these two waiting in the wings...

it has been so much fun hanging with these crazy girlies of mine and if it weren't for that pesky middle school education thing...

I would love to keep them around a bit longer!

So because it is 4 days before Christmas and all of that free time never materialized...


I think I will simply list the things that I am thankful for in 2016...

I am thankful for my beautiful Mother, who is the strongest, most loving woman that I know and the time we have gotten to spend with her this year.

I am thankful for my eldest, who chose the remain close and has continued to make us so proud with his hard work, good grades and amazing sense of responsibility.

I am thankful for the 3 years that I have had at home with "Laverne and Shirley" (hehe) - to say I am going to miss them next year is a tremendous understatement...

I am thankful for rescue programs like Gimme Shelter Rescue, who brought us our Chewy...

and our Bethie.

I am thankful for my Charlie who so effortlessly steps up whenever we need him and just makes me smile, every single day.

I am thankful for my Caleb who has been such an awesome and responsible "Bethie Dad"!

I am thankful for Maggie and Lucy who continue to inspire and bless me with their strength, courage and determination! 

I am thankful for my church family who has walked along side our hard and whose heart is opening up to the plight of the orphan.

I am thankful for sweet friends who encourage and help whenever we are in need.

I am (ahem) thankful for the hard that has brought us closer to the Lord - no really I am, sort of!


I am thankful for soccer - no really I am, sort of!

*wink again*

I am thankful for an amazing Hubby who loves me like no other!

I am thankful most of all for a loving God who has never given up on me and has never left my side.


Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Looks like I will be wishing you a Very Merry Christmas just in time for Valentines Day!

No worries though...

it will take me that long just to take a decent Christmas picture!



  1. Love. M thankful for your blog posts that always make me smile and usually brings tears to my eyes (ina happy and adoptive mama sort of way). :)