Friday, June 12, 2009

Images of summer

There are some things that just scream summer!!! Some of my fav summertime memories are riding my bike to the Cash-U-Save with a dollar (so telling my age here) to buy Rip-N-Dips or a Chuncky Bar, buying little glass bottles of Coke, specifically for the purpose of pouring in a salty bag of peanuts (yum), eating vienna sausages and slim jims on the boat (yes, I admit, the vegitarian ate vienna sausages and slim jims - yuck), hours spent in the pool, and of course the beach (and the sand - which bothers me so much more now than it did then - go figure). I know summer has just started but boy were we ready for it here!! No more tests or projects or soccer 24/7 or homework or 5:00 am wake up calls!!!! It's time for frogs and swings and pools and bikes and popsicles and NO wake up calls!!! Yippeee!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hattie kindof caught a frog the other day. She grabbed for it and then it jumped from her hand and connected to her hair before jumping away to safety. I think the horrible heat is my reminder of summer. It is awful!