Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Soccer = HOT

The boys competed in a 3 v 3 soccer tourney this weekend and did pretty good, but boy was it LONG and HOT!! Three boys x four games each equals way too many soccer games in one day!!! They whined about this tourney (summer practice) in the weeks prior but on this very long and hot day, they had a blast!! It was the parents who were whining that day and thinking why in the world did we think that soccer in June in the South would be a good idea???? I did manage to get some cool pics of my boys in their element!! The girls also got to see some really cool girls teams battling it out with the boys!!! Go girls!!!! I think Em has finally realized that she doesn't necessarily have to magically turn into a boy to be able to play soccer!!! They were real troopers that day. I don't know who I am more proud of, the boys for playing their hearts out under intense pressure and HEAT, or the girls for not smacking us for making them hang out in the heat and mud ALL day!!!! I have a new found respect for snocones!!!!

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