Thursday, June 25, 2009

New (kind of) clothes

I have a wonderful friend who regularly gives me bags full of clothes that her adorable daughter out grows. YES!!!! She is a huge bargain shopper and gets many of her clothes from Good Will. Talk about hand-me-downs!!! Over the years, she has given me some really beautiful things - from Good Will!!! Well, she recently gave us a box full of stuff for the girls and we had a great time going through them and trying some on!! You cannot tell me that boys and girls are not biologically different! I have tried my best not to make our girls into girly girls (although I think I was one), but put a box of new (kind of) clothes in front of them and watch them go WILD!!!! Our boys would have dumped out the clothes and used the box to slide down the stairs in, but could have cared less about some new (kind of) clothes!!! I had to take a couple of pics of Lizzie trying out the cutest hat and a rain poncho of all things and a dress that I found at Target for a mere $2!! I love a good deal too!!! She was really enjoying herself and that makes me smile!! My littlest angel was actually able to fit into a size 4 shirt!!! My guess is that it had been washed and dried about a million times, but hey, it was a size 4!!!

The Poncho

My Bargain!!

Lizzie can also open just about any piece of candy (her fav thing) that you give her. So far, her so called "special need" has been such a non-issue! I wish more people would understand how special, indeed, these beautiful children who wait far too long for a family are!!!

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