Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Colin is HOME!

Sunday night I got to do something I have never done before, something that I will remember forever, something that moved my heart and something that was a true blessing from the Lord.

Sunday night, I got to welcome a new family home

Sunday night, I got to welcome Colin home, along with my dear friend Kim, who, by the way, planted the seed!!!

Sunday night, I got to see with my own heart how beautifully older child adoption can change lives.

Angie, Tom and Tommy are a truly remarkable family. 

While Tom could be thinking about retiring and not having more children (sorry Tom - LOL) and Angie has a great job and a beautiful little boy - a happy life, they chose to follow a path that the Lord set out before them.

They decided to follow a path that seemed impossible and impractical and down right crazy to most "sane" ( me not included - heh ) people.

They decided to follow God's path.

Never once did they falter.

Never once did they doubt,

Never once did they have worry.

They knew.

They knew that if the Lord wanted this to happen, He would make it happen.

And He did...

with a little help from Angie - super woman that she is!  Hehe!

You see, this family had never adopted before and had only begun to even talk about adoption when they saw his face, that one face that captured their hearts and told them that they had to bring him home and that, God willing, they would bring him home!

That wonderful face belonged to their son, Colin

Colin was 13 going on 14 and had to be adopted quickly or he would forever loose his chance for a family.  This child, like so many others, at 14 years old would never know the love of a true forever family - at 14!

They were steadfast, they were faitful and they trusted that the Lord would bring their son home.

And He did...

Sunday night...

and we got to be there

We got to witness the birth of a new family

and the saving of a very sweet soul

a very sweet 14 year old soul.

I feel so very privaledged to have been there and I thank Angie and Tom for including me and my crazy family!  Picture children playing tag in the middle of the airport - yeah crazy! 

Being there also brought the very children whom I advocate for, so very close.  My advocacy site has so many wonderful children who are just as Colin was and who could be just as Colin is, with the love of a family.

I have seen many precious older children come home but I have seen so many more age out.  It breaks my heart every single time.  

I always caution families to research older child adoption VERY carefully and to pray, pray, pray about it because it can be HARD. 

However, it can also be so very rewarding and is in many cases, life saving for these children.

Here are some (just some) of the very real faces of those who are "aging out," those who need a family, those who need YOU!  There are SO many more just like these beautiful children!

I leave you with the face of a precious (formally aging out) child who at long last is in her Daddy's arms.

Please go to,  Wonderful Waiting Kids

God bless you all, Angie, Tom, Tommy and Colin!!!


  1. Thank you Annie for using our story to help other sweet children like our Colin to find a family! I am seeing that God's plan was for a far greater purpose than to add one child to our family. I believe that His plan for us also includes bringing children to other faithful families and I am overjoyed to have a small part in that! I can't tell you how much it meant to me that your family was there with others to welcome home our incredible new son. It has been worth every minute on that airplane, every night completing paperwork and every single fundraiser! God is good!

  2. I have followed Colin's family blog and I'm so happy for them. What a treat to see his welcome home gathering at the airport.

    I saw a beautiful girl above that looks as if she is from the orphanage as Journey. This is when I wish I wasn't single and I could bring two home as I would love to see this beautiful child with a family! Silly rules!

    Thank you for working so hard to make people aware of the needs of these children. It breaks my heart each time I hear of another one aging out!

    If God can use me a near retirement single granny He can certainly use anyone with an open heart. HE WILL PROVIDE and MAKE A WAY!!!

  3. Oh, Annie - what a blessing to be able to witness this, and to be a part of it! It is becasue of YOU that we saw our sweet Mei's face for the first time, and knew she was to be our daughter. She is 11 1/2 now,, and we are hoping for January travel. You are more than welcome to meet us at the airport :) Thank you for your hard work in advocating for these precious children.

    We startd a blog so that people could follow as we travel. I feel like people are scared of older child adoption, so I love following others blogs to see how it all unfolds. No, it isn't always easy, but obedience to God produces huge blessings.....Hopefully, we will be able to blog while in China and give others a glimpse of adopting an older child.


  4. How amazing to be there for Colin's arrival home! (So sorry you missed our trip on our blog!)

  5. Thanks for posting this story. We are getting closer to our sweet girl and this is wonderful encouragement. Thanks for all you do for these kiddos, Annie. You may never know in this life all of the kids lives you touched, but definitely will be know in the next :0)! Keep up the good work!

  6. I HAVE SEEN HIS FACE BEFORE!!! I remember thinking that he is SO sweet looking. YAY!!! HE IS HOME!!!

    Annie, I have heard a few parents talk about what they are told is an attention problem, however, what I hear sounds like RAD... Do you know of a person that can post on the Chat Board concerning RAD and the behavior that is common with RAD. (a professional) It hurts my heart to think that a child is on meds that are not needed. Blessings-Joy

  7. This is so cool! So awesome that you were able to see them come home. Talk about a follow through!!! I'm so happy for all of them.

  8. Hello! I've followed our blog for awhile ( think I first found it on nihaoyall:-) What a beautiful post! :)

  9. Thank you Sarah and thank you for following:)