Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Be a Voice Giveaway!

What does shopping, beautiful, meaningful jewlery and helping orphans have in common????

It is called Be a Voice and it is the wonderful concept of a good friend of mine who desperately wants to do something to help those whom the Lord has called upon us to help. 

Please read what Be a Voice is all about:

There are over 140 Million orphans in the world today. We want to do our part to lessen that number, one child at a time. We want to educate the public about the adoption process, offer support, and help defray adoption costs through fundraising activities. We want to bring our faith and our passion for original jewelry design together as a path to help raise money for the adoption process, and orphan care.

As parents that have been down that road, we understand both the barriers to adoption and the pressing need of the children awaiting a loving family. After seeing things first-hand, standing idly by is not an option for us. We want to use our voice to advocate for the voiceless, both for would-be parents, and the orphans in such great need. Thank you for joining your voice with ours!

For every purchase made from our webshop, we will be contributing $10 towards helping the voiceless. From clean water for children to clothes for orphans and toys for orphanages, we want to help in as many ways as we can.. We can also partner with fundrasing families and offer them wonderful products that produce 10.00 from each sale to help lessen the burdens. Lets be a voice together!

Tammy approached me this summer and asked if I might help her promote her new site and her mission and of course I said YES!  Tammy has a beautiful little girl from China and is working hard to bring another precious child home very soon! 

These beautiful children who wait so long for a family of their own have broken and uplifted and changed and inspired her heart and I feel very privaledged to be able to help and ...

to GIVE AWAY some of her incredible jewlery!!!

That's right - GIVE AWAY!!!

All you have to do is visit her new site, Be a Voice , look around and consider becoming a contributer by being a guest blogger or just by contributing your family story.  If you think this is something you can do, just leave Tammy a comment. 

You can also be entered to win by "liking" or "sharing" Be a Voice on FB or posting about it on your blog or just signing up for the newsletter.  EASY!

Just leave me a comment on this post to let me know what you will do to be entered and I will announce the winners next Sunday. 

Oh and there will be 3 winners - oh yeah baby!!!  That means that 3 of my wonderful readers will get to choose from Tammy's wonderful designs like this beautiful bracelet:

LOVE it!!!!

So be sure to visit Be a Voice and enter here, to win some fabulous, purposeful jewlery!!!!  Don't forget to leave me a comment letting me know what you have done to be entered!!

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  1. I "liked" them on FB and signed up for the newsletter, very cool! I acutally knew about Jessie via Rumor Queen! I saw the funny LOA photoshop envelope a few weeks back. Good stuff!!

  2. Neat! I went to her website and contacted her about guest blogging for her--don't know if she'd be interested in anything I could come up with or not. But, I'd be glad to do that.

  3. Like her on FB and wrote a recommendation. Cool website!

  4. We definitely will like her on FB, her jewelry is awesome.

  5. Wonderful site----liked her on FB! Praying it is successful!

  6. I liked her on facebook and also offered our story as a guest blogger as well. She has beautiful jewelry! I love adoption!!

  7. Ohhh..I LOVE it! This is awesome to find jewelry with bible verses!! I love the heart braclet! That is just amazing!

    I like them on FB and would love to share on our blog/ and or guest post!

    Kristy F