Friday, September 2, 2011

One Cute Puppy...

I said she was cute

I never said she was smart!  Hehe!

She's got the sharing thing down!

especially with the kitty

but has HUGE stranger anxiety!!  Sigh! 

I think we may be looking at doggie #5!!!

Really????  Again, SIGH!!!

And what about this cute little bundle of fur

pic taken by Caleb!
who apparently has NO bones!

Seriously, I think I remember when I was that flexible??

Well, maybe not!  LOL!

And then there is Boo

Remember sweet Boo?

The kitten we found last Halloween

As a stray kitten or so we thought

Our neighbor (Boo's owner) came and got him after a day or two and we didn't see Boo again for a while, and then...

Boo came back

and seems to be hangin round!  Yeah, don't ask me why???  Heh!

My house is one big ole fur ball right now and that is just how THE KIDS like it!!  Hehe! 

I, on the other hand, being the one who has to vacuum, is still searching for 2 really, really great families - but they would have to be pretty great!  Just sayin... 

So, if you think you might like an adorable kitten who thinks he is a dog

and a very sweet puppy who runs in terror every time someone comes in the house...

pic taken by Caleb
just let me know!!

I can hook ya up! Hehe! 


  1. Annie,

    I WANT this dog!!! I have sent pics to the hubby, but you know how that may go! Anyhow, i hope he finds a home, but if the hubs was up for it, i would be willing to love him. The cat and dog pic is great! Looks just like our cat!

    You have too much fun at your house:0)

  2. You have a soft spot for animals, I love it! :) Be may end up with a zoo by the time it's all over. ;)