Sunday, May 20, 2012

The "BIG" Day...

So Friday was the day

the "BIG" day

the day that Lizzie started her growth hormone therapy

It has taken us about 2 years to come to this decision

It has taken tests and doctor appointments and measuring and plotting - lots of measuring and plotting - and listening - lots of listening.

You see, Lizzie is low in the hormone that triggers her brain to release her growth hormone.

She actually has adequate levels of growth hormone but her brain just will not let it go so that the rest of her can grow, so she is little, I mean really little and she is just not growing

We learned by listening to our Pediatric Endocrinologist that this can cause health issues for our Lizzie later in life.

We learned from listening to our Lizzie that being little causes great concern for her right now!

You can ask Lizzie about her hands and feet and without skipping a beat, she will simply tell you that she was just born that way - no biggie.  She actually talks about her hands and feet quite frequently as they are, just her hands and feet - period!

However, tell her that she is little or cute or a baby or not big enough to do something and she just hates it, I mean it really bothers her and as we struggled with this decision that is the one question from the doctor that stuck with me.  The doctor asked if being little bothered Lizzie and that is when it dawned on us that, yes, it did.  More than anything else, Lizzie wanted to grow.

So, this week the supplies arrived

and yesterday the home health nurse arrived

and Lizzie got her first dose of growth hormone

I was worried but I don't know why

Lizzie, as always, was brave and courageous and such an inspiration.  There is a lot of chutzpah packed into that tiny, but hopefully growing little body.

After 2 years of prayer and research and discussion and worry, you have shown me what it is to truly trust, even in the face of your fears.

and for a special treat for being so brave, big brother Charlie asked if he could take the girls down to the gas station to pick out some candy and a Slurpee...

and once again, all was right in my sweet Lizzie's world, cause push pops and giant slurpees just rule!

I have said it before and will say it again...



  1. You are indeed blessed! What a trooper. Angie

  2. Such a brave little girl! I will be praying for Lizzie's growth along with our two younger boys.
    Zoe has almost caught up with her brother that is seven and she's not even five yet.

  3. Praying for sweet Lizzie's growth. What a precious girl she is!

  4. Awww. What a tough girl she is! You tell her that being short has many advantages! I'm very short too and I've never minded it at all. It's been bugging Ansley lately bc she' takes after me and kids call her "cute" and she doesn't always like it. We bought her the "Stand Tall" t-shirt at Wild Olive Tees and she LOVED it!
    Praying that the HT works very quickly!

  5. She is an inspiration to us all!!!!

  6. What an amazing girl! I hope she grows fast. :)

  7. Your little Lizzie is so brave...brings tears to my eyes. :) She is amazing!

  8. With her determination and toughness, that kiddo will do great! I just know it!!! She's such an adorable little spitfire! love her!

  9. I almost could not watch the video being that I don't do well when it comes to stuff like that, but she made it seem like nothing. She is one very brave girl and oh what a cutie!!

  10. Annie!!! Check out my blog! I have a great fundraising idea for you!!!

  11. Lizzie is amazing and you are blessed!

  12. My husband, age 47, has been on GH therapy for about a year to strengthen very brittle bones. He has not had any negative side effects but has experienced many positive ones. Praying your Lizzie does as well. :)