Friday, May 11, 2012



We have video!!!!

Video of our precious XM

and measurements and info!

We found out that our sweet girl is not living at her orphanage but is being cared for at a Rehabilitation Hospital for kiddos with cerebral palsy

We suspected this might be the case but are so glad to have confirmation and to know for sure, where she is and that she is receiving therapy.

Apparently she could not sit up, walk or talk when she was sent to the rehab hospital 2 years ago and has made some amazing progress.

She still has a long way to go but just seeing her video tells me that we have another little Lizzie on our hands, in more ways than one!

I can look at the progress that she has made and tell that she has the same determination and courage that our Lizzie has.

I can look at her measurements and tell that she is tiny, just like our little Lizzie!

I can also look at that video and tell that...

she is NOT 8 years old!

No, I am thinking that we might have virtual triplets on our hands!



I can also look at that video and tell that no matter how delayed she is

no matter what therapies lie ahead

no matter how old she is...

she is our beautiful daughter and the Lord will equip us for whatever she may need

As soon as I saw that video and showed it to hubby, a huge wave of peace just washed over me and we have been smiling at each other all day long!

So, are you ready??

May I introduce our precious XM!

Gotta decide on a name - hehe!

Isn't she wonderful!  
Lord, please watch over her and hold her close.  I cannot wait to be able to hold her myself but rest easy knowing that she is in Your arms!

Thank you dear Father for such a beautiful blessing.


  1. How wonderful to be able to get a video! She will be with you before you know it!
    Holly Arnold:)

  2. I'm so glad you shared that with us! She is so precious and, yes, determined! Just imagine her progress once she is with her forever family!!!

  3. Oh, she is just precious!!! She does have such a determined expression on her face!!! How joyful!! Love, Jenni

  4. Oh Annie she is amazing....I love her already..


  5. She is so-o-o precious! What a blessing to receive the video! She's going to be running before long and you'll have to try and keep up with her!

  6. Amazing!!! I'm so excited for you!!! What an angel pie!
    Ps... I love picking out names if you need some help;)

  7. so wonderful, annie! thank you for sharing the video with us!! :)

  8. She is beautiful!! What a treasure!

    Love how she is walking!

    You go girl!!

    Any names yet??

  9. Annie, are you there...Oh my sweet goodness, she is incrediable!!! She is perfect....oh my Annie, you have a Gem....Really i am so happy for you and i so delited that you got video and best of all that you get to recieve another beautiful treasure! So happy and i bit jealous, but i am here to share your joy! hugs!
    How about Jewel, since she is a Gem or maybe Ella, because you know i love that name ;-)

  10. Thank you everyone!!! No name yet but I do so love discussing names and finding out their meanings and looking back in family history for names! FUN!!! Donna, Ella (Eleanor) is the fav of the girls in the house. Sam (Samantha) is the boys' fav! I am now looking at neutral names since we seem to be at a stand off! LOL! Rebecca, I might be calling on you for help! LOL!

  11. Thanks everyone!!! Donna, Ella (Eleanor) is the girls' fav and Sam (Samantha) is the boys' fav!!! Rebecca, I may be asking for help as we seem to be at a stand off! LOL! I do love thinking about names!!! FUN!

  12. Oh my GOODNESS! She is so beautifully and wonderfully made. THANK YOU for sharing. :-) Laura

  13. I'm speechless! So, so happy for you, Annie! God is so incredibly good and has obviously blessed you immeasurably! Rejoicing with you, even as you wait! Hugs from Florida, Lori McCary

  14. Replies
    1. Oh Annie, she is a priceless treasure! Loved watching those determined steps!

  15. Oh my word ! She is just beautiful ! Look at all of that progress she has made and then imagine what she will do once she blossoms within the arms of her new family :)
    Congrats to you girl and Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

  16. What a precious little girl. I am so happy for you and your family and for this sweet little girl waiting for you. You can tell that she is a determined and courageous child and I can't wait to see her home with her forever family!

  17. Oh what a sweet little love.......she is a little warrior , which means she that she fits in beautifully with the family that the Lord ordained for her.
    I think about how many children you had to pass by to get to her.....she was worth the wait! God's timing is always perfect.

  18. I agree, she looks more like 5 maybe 6. Check her teeth and see if she has any permanent teeth. The dentist can tell you a better estimate when you get home.

  19. Oh, Annie! You and your family are so blessed to be welcoming your new daughter to your family! Good luck figuring out her name and getting her home soon! So very happy for you!

  20. Oh only my 14th cry of the day....woooo I'm just a little emotional! She is so beautiful, I can only imagine how one day all of our lives will be enriched by hers. Thank you for sharing....know Aunt Cortney is thinking of her and praying for her everyday. Love you all.

  21. Touched my heart in a huge way! She is SO Precious! I love all the other little ones trying to get in on "her" movie! And, seeing a Nurse/Nanny in the blue dress who was following along...ready to scoop your Girl up, should she stumble and fall! WoW! The Peace of our Lord came rushing over me! HE has her covered! She will be loved and protected until you, her Mommy, can go Bring Her Home! Happy Mothers Day!! Jugs ~ Jo

  22. She is leading the parade!!!! Love the video and XM is amazing!!!!

  23. Just popped over to see how you are doing...oh my!! What a wonderful surprise and a beautiful gift. She is precious!! I am so anxious for you to get her home and if I'm anxious I know how anxious you must be. :)