Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soccer is DONE!

YAY I mean darn!  


Seriously though, I do LOVE to watch my kiddos play a good game of soccer


by the end of the season

I am ready for some soccer free weekends 

Christian's team won our State Cup by shutting every other team out!


Charlie's team did well this season too and ended up in second place

Sweet Caleb's team didn't fare quite as well this season but it didn't seem to bother him and as long as  there was an occasional snack involved!

Gotta love that boy!

The girlies' team, The Blue Angles...


and once again, little Miss Lizzie stole the show!

When that 30 pound package of fierceness steps out on to that field....

She draws a crowd and even the other team can't help but cheer for her!

My dear Em didn't seem quite as enthusiastic this season

and as much as she rules when playing with her brothers
she just seemed hesitant on the field this year

We are trying to understand if it is just a bit of "stage fright" or something more having to do with her little sis.

However, she has a powerful kick and 3 big brothers

nuf said!

Lizzie is a tough act to follow on that field but we will just keep encouraging sweet Em and hopefully she will find her soccer confidence soon.  If not, we may try basketball for her as she has expressed an interest in shooting hoops:)

Regardless of her reluctance, however, she always seems to have fun and the end of the season party is always looked forward to!

Hubby does such a great job with this program and these kiddos.

He loves it and it shows!

So, what exactly does the end of our season look like???



  1. Fun post Annie! Glad you can exhale for a short while anyway. Now you have your Saturdays to clean out the attic/garage/.......oh wait, that's MY Saturday plans...
    Love you,

  2. Our soccer ends this next Saturday But then there is baseball. I think our kids our so good at sports because they don't have the fear other kids have. Zoe dominates in her age group in Gymnastics and I think because she has no fear of getting hurt.

  3. Miss Em looks like she'd make a good swimmer. That's a great sport to try. We are doing the same with Ansley this summer:)

  4. Speaking as one of six kids, sometimes just what was needed growing up was having one's own "thing". I hope Em finds her "thing"! :)

  5. Wow! I'm exhausted just looking at all of those beautiful busy bees out on the field!!! What fun, but I get it! When football season is over every winter, I am ready for the break and for having the weekend back to myself.... sort of....

  6. I feel ya! Love the soccer pics though. I'll be happy when baseball is over despite loving watching the boys play. baseball season drags on and on and on......