Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas in July???

Ya know all I ask is for one decent picture 

One cute summery pic for the blog header would be nice

Not too much to ask for, right?


It was the Christmas card pic all over again!

Notice Lizzie's face in all of the pics

with all of the chaos going on around her...

she remained calm!

I need to take lessons!  Hehe!

I did manage to get some decent non group, 

non blog header type pics

so not a total wash

and I have 6 more months to get ready for the (gulp) Christmas Card Pic!

I am SO not ready!   Hehe!


  1. Your children look beautiful in ANY photo! You have an amazing bunch of kiddos!!! Just love them!

  2. Ha ha! Annie, I love the attempts! What a great idea to put everyone in the back of the truck! You have such beautiful children!

  3. That is hilarious and about how it flies here too~ always someone not looking or looking crazy but that's the life with kids! embrace!!! XOXO

  4. yeap cuteness ALERT!!!!!


  5. Oh that's hilarious, Annie! I feel your pain. It's the same way here. Usually Colt is the leader and then it goes downhill from there! Lizzie is just precious....she was calm and cooperative throughout it all!

    What a very photogenic single pic of Em - gorgeous!


  6. Oh, I hear ya, sistah! Impossible to get this motly crew to settle together! Once in awhile we'll get one though!!

    Love that little Lizzie sitting so sweet and still, ha! And those individual pics?? Wow!!!