Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday...

to my wonderful hubby who is turning 44

one year away from the big


only, I can't tease him about this because...

come October...

 I will be one year away from the big



a fact that he never, ever teases me about

It has been quite a year for my sweet hubby

It has been a year full of ups and downs but mostly it has been a year full of growth for both of us and I cannot imagine going through this journey without this amazing man by my side.

He has such a caring heart, a heart that is moved by all of the things that move my heart.

Love the way the Lord worked that out!

He is the eternal optimist and all around goofy dad who delights in embarrassing his kiddos boys every chance he gets!

I have to admit that he has even succeeded in recruiting me in this pass time as well!

It's always fun around our house, during the school year, when one of the boys forgets their lunch!  

It really brings a smile to hubby's face when he can happily and loudly deliver the unfortunate boy's lunch in his sister's Princess lunch box!

The boys, however, have learned to roll with the punches and just play along!

Not as much fun for hubby so...

word of advice to the girls this year...

don't forget your lunch!


While he loves to tease our kiddos, he loves them with the kind of love that brings tears to my eyes - and his, although he blames me for making him a "marshmallow"

You're a ROCK, honey, no really you are...

a rocky marshmallow!


We had a great day and ended it with a very special "birthday cake"

I found this incredibly sweet treat on my wonderful friend, Tammy's site, Country Girl at Home.

Yep, ya gotta go here on Tammy's site to get this recipe!

Y'all, it is, eat till ya feel sick, good and so easy!

Thanks Tammy:)  There were a lot of smiling faces and full tummies around here tonight!

I know the Lord has such a plan for you my love and I am just so proud of you for letting go and letting the Lord take it all from your shoulders!

This summer will be one we won't soon forget but more than anything, I will remember the time we had together as a family, the time that we had together with each other and the time we had together with our Heavenly Father, learning how to love Him and each other more fully!

Happy Birthday my sweet hubby!!!

You ROCK, no really, you do!

You're like Rocky Road Ice Cream

Rocky on the outside and all sweet and gooey on the inside!


How's that for not teasing you about being one year away from the big 4-5!


Love ya!!!!


  1. Happy happy birthday to your hubby! You all make a great team! Love all the pics! Such a sweet sweet family! Hope his birthday was lots of fun! Love his style.....keeping the boys (and now the girls) on their toes!

    Isn't that cake just too good to describe? :) It made my mouth water looking at your pics! You can save me a piece for when I come by! :)

    Keeping you all in my prayers!


  2. Happy Birthday, Chris! What great family pics, Annie!

  3. Happy Birthday, Chris!! Praying for you both this morning, and trusting God is working hard on your behalf!

  4. Happy birthday Chris! You guys are always in my prayers.

  5. Happy birthday to your hubby! Love the photos of him with your children. :)

  6. Happy BD Chris :)
    Blessings then then a cup more :)

  7. Thank you dear Tammy! Your piece is waiting on you:):)

  8. Happy Birthday to hubby and you two make a great team!!! Also, I do not believe you will be turning the big 5-0 in a year! I never would have guessed with your youthful loveliness, smile and energy! And from one wife with a bit of a younger husband to another, I give you a whoot whoot!! shout out! ;-) By the way, I love the face Chris is making when he is about to eat that dessert! Priceless!!

    1. Thank you sweet Annie!! Yep, gotta make that dessert!!!!! SO yummy!!!!

  9. Love all the family photos... what a sweet precious family!! So glad to know that I am in good company...I will be turning the big 5-0 next year too! Now please share your secrets for staying so youthful and trim. :)

    1. Thank you Londa!!! My secret is LOTS of kids and animals to run after!!! LOL!!!!