Saturday, July 28, 2012


So as most of you all know, this summer has been full of challenges surprises...

but also full of blessings.

I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by some pretty wonderful adoptive friends.

Hearts are really being moved here for orphans and being able to get together with these precious "hearts" who have become dear friends is just wonderful and so good for the spirit!
We get together often

and have such fun, as do our kiddos.

However, the other day, I got such a sweet gift!

I got to meet a beautiful, adoptive friend, live and in person,

a friend whom I had only talked to through email or on the phone,

a friend who loves the Lord and loves China's precious children,

a friend who has SEVEN beautiful daughters from China and is in the process of bringing TWO more home!!!


Dear, sweet Maggie has been "with me" since I first began to advocate for these wonderful, waiting kiddos.

We don't get to talk as much as we would like but when we do...

well, let's just say that time has no meaning!


Maggie and her beautiful family stopped by on their way to Florida.
I invited my other adoption peep, Angie R

and we had such a great visit

I hated to see them leave but Angie and I are working on getting them back...

there is just way too much to talk about and too little minutes on my phone! 


LOVED meeting you dear Maggie!

Come back soon!

Angie and I also got to meet and "re-meet" another wonderful adoptive family!

Carmi and I went to college together, like a lifetime ago and had not seen each other since!

We found out through FB that we had both adopted from China and had a great time catching up.

I introduced Carmi to Angie (through email) when Angie and fam were in process for their sweet 13 year old, Colin, as Carmi and her family had adopted their sweet 13 year old from China just a couple of years before.

It was so cool to get those 2 boys together and from what I understand, they both had fun!

It was great seeing them as well and hope they can come again very soon as I forgot my camera!


I was also given the opportunity to meet 2 other wonderful adoptive friends, sweet Carla, whose precious little one reminds me so much of our Lizzie and my dear friend and prayer warrior, Lavonne, who has a daughter from Lizzie's orphanage.   
However, the timing and circumstances just never worked out for those meetings.


I hope to get another shot at those two some time soon.
There is just nothing like meeting up with my adoption peeps.
They "get" me and I "get" them and for the first time in my life, I feel like I "fit in"!
Thanks my sweet friends!


  1. I think we need a reunion in the mountains next August!! Wouldn't we have fun??

  2. What fun! And what a blessing!


  3. SOOO great meeting Maggie and Carmi in person. We are tremendously blessed by our local adoption friends, but it is a sweet treat to meet others from around the country too! Love you friend!

  4. What a joy! Some of these friends we meet along the journey are friend embedded deep into our hearts. We feel as if they are so close even if we haven't even met yet!! Such a nice visit you had!!

  5. This warms my heart, Annie! Sure wish WE could have been there!


  6. How sweet to see a familiar face in your group photo. One of the many incredible gifts we have enjoyed on our adoption journey are all the wonderful friends we have made along the way. Chelsea is one of those special friend we made while we were in China together adopting our daughters. What a special treat that you are able to all meet up often and share in your love for the orphaned.Love it!!

  7. Love sweet Chelsea! She lives about 20 minutes away! We have a really great group of ladies who love the Lord and love these precious children!!!!