Friday, March 1, 2013

So about a month ago, girls had their very first, ever, "go home with a friend from school" play date.

They were So excited and I was excited for them and...

just a little sad for me.

I know how fast the years go and I just want it to sloooooow down.

Lizzie still fits in my lap but my dear Em has legs and arms hanging all over when we snuggle up.

The days of Franklin and Little Bear are fading away and it makes this momma just a teeny bit sad


  1. is sad. And look at that last photo--how is Em getting so big so fast? Good thing you have a new little one coming home from China very soon.

    1. You are SO right dear Rita!!! and little is the correct term with sweet Lucy:):)

  2. Franklin and Little Bear!!! I know, sad, isn't it? My son used to watch those he's getting his permit int two weeks! Where did the time go?