Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - Lucky Dog

This is how we "do sick" around here...

and this is how we "do" home school...

and nap time...

and bedtime...

See a reoccurring theme?

Yep, sweet Chewy has weaved his way into our hearts and into our lives!

You may remember this post when we first met sweet Chewy, who was "Charlie" at the time and, this post when we decided to keep Chewy and I admitted to the world that I am a "foster failure"!  hehe!

And I know I posted this post just the other day but wanted to make it my Sunday Snapshot as well. 

So here goes, upon the request of the wonderful rescue, Gimme Shelter, who pulled our Chewy one day before he was scheduled to be killed, we have entered sweet Chewy in Pet Finders, Luckiest Pet Contest but...



We are not even in the top ten yet!

Just go here, watch our video...

type in Chewy in the search bar and vote:) 

And as you may imagine, trying to make a video with dogs and kids, can create some um, outtakes!  Even though you can't vote for this particular video, I just had to post it...

just cuz it's fun!

So, you can only vote once a day but you can vote everyday until march 18th.

If we win, Gimme Shelter will win a $5000 donation which will help them save so many other "Chewies" and we will win a $500 gift card from P*tco - that's $100 per dog around here!

So, we would really love your vote and please feel free to share so that our sweet Chewy can be named the Luckiest Pet, even though we know who the lucky ones really are...

We love you sweet Chewy!

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Ni Hao Yall

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  1. It is a very fun family.
    Nice and big love!
    It is cute gesture to a big dog.