Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Dress

or should I say "dresses"!

It is funny, now matter how many times I see with my own eyes the way the Lord provides, when it happens in such a blatantly obvious way, it still knocks me off my feet and on to my knees!

Case in point:

The other day was looking at all the clothes our girls have.  I mean honestly, their closet is overflowing with clothes, most of which, if not all of which...

we did NOT buy.

The Lord has just blessed us with such awesome friends, friends with such giving hearts and friends with older girls... older girls with great taste I might add!


So as I was doing an inventory of sorts to prepare for Lucy and Maggie, I noticed that what Em and Lizzie seemed to lack were church dresses.

I really didn't think much more of it until we had some items to take to Good Will and I thought well, while we are there, why don't we just look for some dresses - cause ya never know, right!


As soon as we walked over to the girlie girl section, there they were...

not only had we found a very pretty dress that was just Lizzie's size but as we continued to look there was the exact same dress...

in Em's size!!!

How awesome was that!

We also found 2 other beautiful dresses (not identical but awfully pretty)....

one in Lizzie's size and...

one in Em's size!

So now they each have 2 new-to-them dresses and I still have money for gas!


Once again, the Lord brings me to my knees in thankful amazement!

Won't it be fun to watch how He will continue to provide when we have FOUR little girls to get dressed for church!

I cannot wait!


  1. If you lived closer I could help ya with some clothes! I rarely need to buy for the girls because we too are blessed with really nice hand me downs. One year Joy had 14 Christmas dresses! Seriously......14!

  2. Oh, so sweet. I love how God knows our needs and wishes even in the smallest things.

  3. Love this post! The dresses are so cute!

  4. Goodwill is our go to for things. I have found so many cool things rummaging there!

  5. Cute dresses and even cuter girls! Blessings