Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Few Things...

About Lucy

This precious child has not known the love of a family but she loves.

Lucy was not in a foster family

as a matter of fact, she spent much of her life in a rehabilitation hospital.

It was much like an orphanage only sadder, I think.

I have not blogged much about our visit there as I am just not ready to and I am not certain I will ever be able to put my feelings into words, but it was a hard place.

For Lucy to emerge from that place able to love and be loved is an answer to prayer.

He breathed that in her and I am still in awe.

Lucy is caring and helpful and is learning all about being in a family and how we care for each other.

Lucy likes to tell me to, "Be careful Momma."


"You ok Momma?"

Melts my heart for sure!

She also loves to be tucked in at night and will not let me go until she has given me a kiss on each cheek and forehead.

Lucy also loves being a sister and worries about her siblings when they are not all where they are supposed to be...


If we are not all together, Lucy has to know where they are and when they will be home!

I think I will put her in charge of curfews!


She gets so excited when she knows it is time to pick everyone up from school and just laughs and smiles when she sees them walking toward her...

coming home!

Lucy loves to laugh and let me tell you that laugh is infectious!
It doesn't take much to make this precious one laugh and her brothers and sisters take every opportunity to help her along in that regard!
Lucy has come such a long way since we first met her in China and I have no doubt that physically and emotionally, she will continue to inspire and amaze us.

We have had our challenges and still do some days, but her desire to love and be loved is just what she needs to heal.

We are in this with you sweet girl and we trust that step by step, the Lord will lesson the fears and increase the love...

a more confidant, assured kind of love that only comes with time and with - Him!

Next week...

A few things about Maggie!


  1. This post breaks my heart. I don't even have the words to say what I feel right now. It makes me want to jump in the adoption boat again....but I guess that isn't reason enough. Lucy is beautiful.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Our Jesus has been holding precious Lucy up till now. And now she will learn His name. <3

  3. Wow, Annie, she looks great! She looks so happy! What a great thing to see! (Love the look on Lizzie's face in the pic of her holding the football in the background. Girls' got spunk!)

  4. It really strikes me upon rereading this post how very sad Lucy looks in every pre-adoption photo. I remember that you wrote about being concerned before she came home because of her tears and sadness - how very heartbroken it must have been for you to be waiting and wanting to bring her home and make it all better. Your wait for Lucy still inspires me! The contrast between the pre-adoption photos and post-adoption photos is astounding - she isn't smiling in a single pre-adoption photo I've seen, yet she is overflowing with happiness in every post-adoption photo! Lucy's capacity to love and her total transformation is such an incredible testament.